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  1. Default magic attack scrolls?

    Hey, I've been wondering, I bought this ele staff that's +8 but the magic attack is really high (definatly not 60% scrolls.. MAYBE 10\30% scrolls but how can you make so many work(I doubt using that many shielding wards is worth it)..
    I think I seen items that were around +7 magic attack per scroll.. is there something im missing?

    thanks :)

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: magic attack scrolls?

    RED shop currently sells 50% scrolls that give +8 m.att.

    In the past we had event/anniversary dark scrolls that gave 7-9 m.att at 20-25%.

    As for whether the wards/safeties/etc are worth it, that's up to the scroller.



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