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Thread: ITS 3AM

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    Change the time to 5AM/6AM/7AM/8AM/9AM/10AM and you'll have described my Winter break.

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    I'm awake because insomnia and Netflix.

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    I'm awake because of italy.

    Though i was up at 7 am 1 am est yesterday.

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    The question I ask myself every time I wake up on a school day...It's like clockwork.

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    Which part of Italy?

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    Small town outside campo basso. We leave tomorrow but we achieved getting our citizenship registered so i'm officially a dual citizen. :D

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    3 AM is normal for me.

    It probably shouldn't be.

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    Because you watched Evangelion 3 and your mind was taking while to process what the hell you just saw?

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    Only 3am? That's pretty early you know.

    I usually go 4am - 8am at least while powering up my items to level 999 Rasetsu on DD2.

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    Oh, it's this thread again.

    How coincidental. I spent last night finishing season 1 of Breaking Bad instead of sleeping.

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    Been playing aura kingdom from 12-3am on days I don't have morning classes. I should stop.

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    My 7AM Physics lab would tear me a new one if I attempted to stay up much later than midnight.

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    3 AM you said?

    Now it is.



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