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  1. Default What to do on my Zero at 180?

    Haven't played Maple in quite a few years, and came back to try out Zero. I'm not quite exactly sure what, if anything, there is to do now that I've finished the storyline. I've been messing around in that new town, commerci? and the boat stuff but, yeah. Any tips on some other fun-ish stuff I could try or maybe some solo places to train would be nice. Everything I've read seems to only list party places.

  2. Default Re: What to do on my Zero at 180?

    Solo HoH is totally viable. So is solo Dimension Invasion. (Easy) Gollux is also an option depending on your gear (it should be easy enough for an unfunded Zero).

    A little bit of gearing will make normal Root Abyss a piece of cake as well. There's a bunch of stuff Zero can do to level.

    Do three Kritias runs a day.

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    Default Re: What to do on my Zero at 180?

    I'd agree with Jed, just mash your buttons at HoH 'til either your eyes or fingers bleed first.



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