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  1. Question I am a forum addict

    I don't know if this is a really serious problem or I'm being exaggerated.
    I usually come to the forums of those MMO's I really want to play and enjoy, but then I leave the game behind and stay in those forums, and then I leave the game, without glory or shame, always leaving nothing behind.
    Maybe I didn't found the game I really want to play? Maybe I don't play seriously? Maybe I should take the game as it is, a game to enjoy?...
    Really confusing =S.

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    Simply, in those forums you'll always find people who talks, likes, discuss the things you like.
    It's easy to attach to a community like that.
    I don't see any problem in that.

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    I really don't play much of mapleStory actually, I can relate.

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    I started posting actively here after quiting ms for the first time, so I can relate.
    I don't think it's that unusual because of what Chew said and because most forum's spam/social section discusses things outside of the game that might interest anyone. For the most part, I only check social section here. Or at least I used to, until I started playing Dota and now I mostly post there. I even sometimes post in maplestory discussion threads, when I can express my hate for the game and the company that runs it :)

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    I overreacted, it's true that I'm more prone to be in the forums be cause I can socialize and talk about common interests more easly than ingame.
    I'm still doubting about the "failure" in the game department, but I will try to find the source of my problem on other day.

    Thank you Chew, Mentalist and Words!

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    I never thought of this as a bad thing. Forums are a mainstream part of internet culture, whatever form they may take.



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