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    Currently on the Nexon forums if you guys have any questions you'd like to ask the MapleStory developers.

    Ruin3d said they're going to forward the most popular questions, kind of similar to the 'A Better Maple' thing I guess, and it also looks like it might become a regular thing. I didn't see a thread/post for this on Southperry yet but if I missed it I apologise.

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    I don't like the idea of "the most popular questions" without a pineapple/pomegranate system.

  3. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    I assume once that thread is closed one of the moderators will create a poll with some of the questions which will then be voted on, otherwise it'll be rather messy, but yeah I agree.

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    Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    if only they implemented the stuff ppl actually want like shared cs invents and making equips account xferable.....

  5. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    I fell like the same questions will get asked as they have before, with the same or similar answers

  6. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    Looks more like people are either:

    A) Posting f'uck tons of questions, when it's explicitly stated that it's 1 question per person/post
    B) Posting books and not one liners
    C) Posting stupid f'ucking s'hit
    D) Posting s'hit that's an absolute waste of time
    E) All of the above

  7. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    It's obviously a PR stunt.

    They'll ignore the legitimate concern questions with the guise that they "were unpopular," and only send the questions that are irrelevant, pointless, useless, or already asked in the past.

  8. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    In the "A Better Maple" situation, they answered every single question, even though we didn't like some of the answers. I hope the whole communications team is behind this guy, and that he's not attempting to produce something like this by himself. That'd be like trying to solo Magnus with 20k range.

    See how I threw that bossing-related simile in there to highlight how ridiculous the state of bossing is in the game? NEXON FIX IT NOW

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    We all know they can't do shit without Korea's help.

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    Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    The Dragon Nest side of the Nexon forums has been doing this for months. Nothing of any real value has actually resulted from it thus far, besides them saying that they're working on shared cash shop inventories and server lag for the whole past half year. PR stunt.

  11. Default Re: Developer AMA Thread

    The difference is I'm pretty sure the, "we'll forward the most popular questions" qualifier wasn't there for "A Better Maple", which is now. Plus it's on the Nexon Forums, which means it will be EXTREMELY easy to bury a good question or say they never saw it.

    Too easy to avoid what they don't like.

    Plus, this being RIGHT AFTER a horrible duping glitch that they improperly handled? It's too coincidental to not be planned to improve their already raped-and-left-for-dead PR for this year.



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