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  1. Default since i dont know where to post this i need help

    i posted a thread today on maple cinema promoting my new video on youtube and it got deleted and i got an infraction
    since i dont know the people here in charge i would like some clarification on why the system deleted my video and what did i do wrong

  2. Default Re: since i dont know where to post this i need help

    Point Value: 8 points (Temporary Ban) & thread/post deletion
    Definition: "The act of posting another website in order to bring more users to that website without any gain of" This includes but is not limited to referral links in any context. A referral link is defined as any link for which you obtain some benefit for people clicking, signing up at or similar.

    Additional Comment: See here for a clear definition of what an advertisement is.

    Read the PM you were sent with the infraction. This is not the place to dispute rules infractions, read the Site Rules. You can only dispute infractions with a point value, you were given a warning.



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