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    Default Corn's Screenshot Situations

    Hi. Someone on r/SummonerSchool had the idea for someone to post a screenshot, and "What would you do in this situation?" No one replied, and I'm on break, so I decided to make a small series there. Thought I might share it here for a couple of you guys to see.

    Man, I wish the formatting was like Southperry's. It's so atrocious there. RIP image and spoiler tags.


    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Part Three:

    Critiques are welcome, although honestly I can't do much about the formatting issue.

  2. Default Re: Corn's Screenshot Situations

    Oh look I was the carry in two of those games. Anyway you might want to cover the chat and maybe even names next time. Also if you want to do a thing like this a video would be hellva lot easier.

  3. Default Re: Corn's Screenshot Situations

    I actually REALLY like this. Even in text form like this. I've only recently started playing League more often, and since it's not like other games I am familiar with, it's nice seeing what choices you could (potentially) have. Especially since I usually play bot lane support with a friend who mostly plays ADC champs.

    If I had a suggestion, maybe add information on building items late game? Sometimes I'm at a bit of a loss on how to change a build when against certain teams.

    Just a thought though. It seems like a good thing so far.



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