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    I'm not sure if the stickied thread is still up to date, so I'm just looking to confirm the current casting speeds of Angel Ray and Paralyze.
    I'm also not sure how different forms of attack speed increase have an effect on them, so knowing the math behind that would help as well (Magic Booster, Decent SI, Green MPE Pot, +1 Attack Speed IA, as well as Righteously Indignant for Angel Ray).

    I'm beginning to wonder if Bishop could actually have higher DPS than an F/P if both classes can cap with these skills.
    Bishop should be a lot easier to cap with too, so there's that.

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    Doesn't angel ray still has that annoying latency bug, where its cast speed is affected by your ping? Unless they fixed this recently.

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    I have no idea.
    I have a friend who's a Bishop and I've yet to see her mention anything about it. She bosses regularly and seems to do fine in Dojo too, so who knows.

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    I think the heal-lag issue from angel ray only occurs if you're around party members? I could be wrong though.

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    Weapon Speed Angel Ray Paralyze

    Angel Ray does 1 more hit per attack. Paralyze can be slightly faster at some weapon speeds. If they both cap, F/P might have the advantage from Ignite, Meteor, and Paralyze's DoT.

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    AR has an extra 5m damage cap while Righteously Indignant is active, doesn't it? So that means AR's doing an extra 90m (extra hit = 50m + 5m x 8 hits = 90m) damage per attack over Paralyze.
    I'm currently relying on Inner Ability to reach higher Critical Rate, so if I were to switch to a Bishop I'd be able to dump the Critical Rate Inner Ability in favor of a +1 Attack Speed Inner Ability, meaning AR would have 2 extra attack speeds over Paralyze. I'm still not sure what to think.
    DoT is on 1 second intervals, but has no damage cap. Inferno Aura is also on ~1 second intervals. Meteor Shower's Final Attack is only a 60% Success Rate and is therefore not very reliable. Ignite is fairly weak, although it can stack multiple times.

    I guess something else to factor in would be that AR is only a single target skill while under the effects of Righteously Indignant, so I'm not sure how I feel about that. I do enjoy being able to mob with my main attack skill without having to do anything weird.

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    My %/s charts give the F/P about a 300m/s advantage. It uses the visual range cap of 2m~2m to account for DoT and it assumes Ignite can cap, which probably would never happen. If I take Ignite out, it's still about 20m/s over Bishops using a 2m range DoT. Completely ignoring Ignite and DoT, I think they're about equal at Fastest (2), so Bishops might win if you're at a weapon speed where Paralyze isn't faster than Angel Ray.

    Anyways, thanks to this thread, I found that I was getting a precision error when rounding 800ms delays, so I'll update the Magician %/s for that.

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    Interesting. Thanks a bunch.



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