Nexon continues to make Back End Modifications that changes.... well... idk WHAT it changes. Often times we just see random results afterwards. Take for instance, 01/06/2014 Unscheduled Maintenance. This RE-Introduced BlackCipher memory leak issue (as seen HERE in my thread, and also HERE, in a similar thread.

My question to those who are smarter than I am is: What program do you use to 'adjust' your memory usages?
After the usc, Process Lasso seems to have NO EFFECT on Maplestory or BlackCipher. I am downloading a newer version, hoping that will work. If you can suggest any alternative program, I need it to do several things.

1) automatically make changes to, but not including, Affinity and Priority.
2) automatically return leaked memory to my system
3) possible "Gaming Mode" profile for.. well, for games =3