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    Can you say/show what bonuses you have? Because that's pretty high. I don't think Beast Tamers will get that even in Bear guardian mode without a lottttt of funding and % HP.

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    My kanna has almost 51k hp and 60k buffed with dhb. I can easily see tamer swapping to cat and casting the field + gorgeous shock (that paw thing?) then swapping back to bear to pretty much wreck everything. A funded tamer will definitely be a force to be reckoned with for sure.

    EDIT: Just saw ur response to staker.

    Emp 3 set gives my kanna 30% hp
    RA 2 set gives 20% hp
    random pot gives me 8%

    and IF nexon fixed the mp% to hp% on pot (which i kinda suspect they did) then I have an additional 23% hp.

    58% hp without mp counted and 81% with.
    With dhb thats like 98% and 121% total % respectively.

    If only the 40% mp from dhb was added to hp as well... 80% hp *drools

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    Hmm, my 120 kanna is literally wearing junks.

    I see. Is your survivability good enough with 18k HP?

    @people with >40k HP
    OMG. How did you guys get so much HP for a mage?

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    It's because Kanna's beginner skill transfers all +mana stats to +health stats, and Kanna has decent base HP so % HP scales well, and naturally if you get good equips/equipment set effects, you'll get a good chunk of % HP from those also.

    But yeah my survivability is fine with 18k HP. Most bosses do % health damage anyways, so the only real issue I have with HP is at HoH, which really isn't an issue anyways. But I am the epitome of unfunded, and I don't want to equip my CRA items or any other items I've collected because I'm obviously saving for Beast Tamer.

    I think Beast Tamer shouldn't have major survivability issues... Maybe unfunded ones might.

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    Yeah. Most bosses do %HP. I was worried about training, seeing how that BT at time temple literally kept eating HP potion every time the whale hits him

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    SS Effect. Dark Knight card effect. Kaiser Link level 2. Empress set. Cannoner skill link level 2.

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    In DPS terms, would this make an efficient bosser in general? It seems Bobo is the only thing keeping her intact with damage while the Jaguar dude has a lot of CC.

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    While Beast Tamer probably won't be on par with, say, Kaiser, she'll still probably do alright damage in the long run.

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    Yeah, just looked over the bear stats. It's pretty crazy.

    Assuming you have links(at lv 2) and cards(S) and the like:
    76% crit from skills + 5% base + phantom =96% crit
    66% hp from skills + 10% cannon + 15% kaiser = 91% hp (DHB +40%)
    20% boss link (assuming 20% is lv 2) 11% skill + 15% ds link + 9% card set (i think?) + 3/5% DA card + 3/4% kanna (i have 5% and 4% so i included em) = 61/64% boss
    50% pdr from skills(30+20) + 30% leafre + 15% luminous = 95% add or like... 66% mult
    20% matk

    With Concentrated strike:
    %matk becomes 55% total
    crit hits 100%

    This looks quite promising(unless i goofed somewhere).

    EDIT: Didn't include 15% hp from hypers
    10% crit from hypers.

    She has 100% crit clean...

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    Her, what I seem to be main attack in Bear form, Bear's hammer attack has 1800% damage which seems pretty good... It's not a super slow attack either. Two hammer hits, each hitting four times, which is 8 times per attack, 225% damage each = 1800%. That's pretty darn good. For comparison, Angelic Buster's Trinity is about 1060% damage. I think Beast Tamer will be pretty good damage wise. Someone should do some damage calculations!

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    looks like beast tamer is coming out on the 22 in jms now, hopefully this means they will be making some changes to beast tamer. The changes I hope they make is making it so each animal gets 3 sp and that passives for the animals are still active even when you switch to a different animal, maybe to make it less op when you switch to a different animal the other passives are still active but only give 50% of the effect.

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    So I looked over this class. I'm really wondering what's up with Eagle, since it seems rather garbage compared to the other 3 forms. Otherwise, seems interesting.

    Also, lol at Beast Tamer furry debates from the other thread.

    My sides.

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    They'd basically have to remake the class then since so many skills overlap.

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    So like.

    Was this mentioned anywhere?

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    Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    I love you.

    That video was very... Japanesque.

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    Maplestory facebook just updated their cover photo to Beast Tamer.


    seeeems i'm a tad late on this one

  17. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    This is definitely coming next week, right?

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    A little bit off-topic but what about cs and db revamp?

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    Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    So now we have team rocket esque villains.



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