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  1. Default Commerci-related questions

    1. What level do I need to be to start doing Commerci trades?
    2. Which Dawnveil quests do I need to complete to have access to Commerci?
    3. Does the ship's energy refresh at midnight PST, or after 24 hours?

  2. Default Re: Commerci-related questions

    1. 140+ I believe
    2. Everything except the 50 Corrupted Heart Seed quest (they look like Aquamarines).
    3. Midnight PST

  3. Default Re: Commerci-related questions

    1. 140
    2. You need to complete the first etc drop quest from Labyrinth mobs (the one for 100 items), don't need to do the 50 drop one after
    3. Midnight Pacific

  4. Default Re: Commerci-related questions

    I have to go that far into the Tynerum questline? pineapple me.

    Thank you both. This thread can be closed now.



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