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  1. Default Can't do Heliseum quests

    So a friend and I were going to do the heliseum quests together but after talking to Beldar in pantheon there doesnt seem to be any quests we can continue. I'm a level 122 Kanna and so is she. We tried talking to the scout in fron of the portal to the HQ but he says nothing besides his usual lines and upon entering the portal all we get is a message saying that ''It's a war zone, I should get my head in the game....'' And below it says I need to do the Heliseum quests to enter. Any help would be great. Thanks ahead of time.

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    With the help of the 2x exp event I managed to get a new kanna to level 90 and accept the quest. So I went to talk to Beldar and after talking to him he gives you 10 power elixirs and tells me to give him a moment to collect his thoughts. But after that he doesnt have a new quest for me. I'm considering sending a ticket to nexon but I'm pretty sure I'm just missing something. Anyone?
    Sorry for the double post.

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    It's glitches for Sengoku classes unfortunately. The only way to get past the barrier is family or tele rocks.

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    Oh alright o: Many thanks for your answer!
    I'll try to find someone to teleport me in :)



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