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  1. Default xenon total dmg vs attack

    ok so i have about 280%+ boss damage
    and i was wandering if someone can simplify me whats better
    %att or %dmg because i dont really understand how it goes
    please im not smart with formulas so lets keep them out of the equation (see what i did there?)

  2. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Mazz posted about it in the revealed potential thread but i would like the formula for this question myself

  3. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    mind linking this so that i can read about it plox?
    in anyways im waiting for a miracle time to cube my hybrid heart to legendary
    as it stands for the moment its 9% att and 6% total damage
    now im wandering if i should just cube it past total damage or say keep it at 21% of that
    and why should i cube it because even though i have decent gear when it come to the mechanics of it im a noob

  4. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    1 %ATT = (100% + %Boss + %Total damage) / (100% + %ATT) %Boss

    Should've posted that in the revealed potential thread but I forgot, that's the formula though.

  5. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    didnt even get anything lol

  6. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    To figure out how much %boss is equal to 1% ATT, you put your stats in the formula. You said you have 280% boss damage, but you didn't mention how much total damage or %ATT you have, so you'd do something like this (I'm going to assume you have 60% total damage (you probably have more, Xenon has a lot of innate total damage iirc. Demon Avenger/Kanna link skills, character cards, hyper skills that add %damage, stuff like that) and 0% ATT).

    1 %ATT = (100% + %Boss + %Total damage) / (100% + %ATT) %Boss

    Your stats (roughly):
    1 %ATT = (100 + 280 + 60) / (100 + 0) 4.4% Boss

    So for you, 1 line of 12% ATT is equal to 52.8% boss damage. I improvised with the stats because you didn't include everything though so you'll need to find those for yourself if you want it to be accurate.

  7. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    As a Xenon who gets ridiculous amounts of %TD from Multilateral and that amount of boss, you can be sure that %att will beat %td.

  8. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    oh ok so ill give out my full stats
    i hate lvl 2 kanna and da skills
    multi 6 all of them so thats 40% total damage
    mage and warrior decks if that matter at the S rank
    and as for % attack i have 15% (pretty lame for someone who is trying to be a youtuber lolz)

  9. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    That'd be 1% ATT = (100+280+40+20)/(100+15%) = 3.82% boss, so 9% att would be about 34% boss/TD and 12% would be 45% boss/TD.

  10. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    okay wait because im such a noob
    why are you mixing up boss and TD?

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    Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    They are both the same thing, boss works on only bosses while TD works on everything.

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    Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Are the reinforce hyper skills included in the % total damage?

  13. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    ok i see
    so i should aim for like 21%+ att on my hybrid heart

  14. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Yup, assuming you're calculating for your main attack skill (if that is your main attack skill, if you're a DB for example and you have the +20% damage on Bloody Storm I'd ignore it, but if you're a Marksman and there's a hyper for +20% damage on Pierce you'd include it), it doesn't show on range but it's the same thing as far as I'm aware.

  15. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    does this apply too for classes with insane weapon multipliers? (bucc/NL) I mean, a NL with 1000 attack gets more range bost than a shad with 1000 attack O_o

    I always sux at this parts of the game (math sux )

  16. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Alright... let's try to keep this as simple as possible.

    Maplestory considers %DMG and %Boss as the same thing. If you have 30% Boss and 9%DMG, you will deal 9%DMG against normal monsters, and 39%"DMG" against Bosses.

    Knowing that Xenons have crazy amounts of %DMG and %Boss (and you already have that much yourself too), you should start considering fractional changes -- it is much easier than trying to figure out what 1%ATT or 1%DMG or 1%ALL is equivalent to, because 1%ATT now is not going to be the same after you equip this heart and want to cube something else. i.e. compare now and possible target, not find out what stuff represents now.

    If you do bossing, you must add up all your sources of %DMG and %Boss and %DMG(hypers). Say you have 300%"DMG" right now so you are doing 400% damage to a boss (remember you do 300% more damage than usual), everything in but not considering your hybrid heart. If you roll a 40%Boss on the heart and equip it, you will do 10% more damage because you will now have 340%"DMG", and so you do 440% damage against a boss, which is 440/400 = 1.1 i.e. your DPS increased by 10%.

    If you roll a 9%ATT and you have no prior %ATT lines, then your DPS directly increases by 9%. Smaller number, different variable, about the same effect. If you already have even a 3%ATT sitting somewhere (say... your secondary weapon, that ring thingy), then your DPS will increase by 1.12/1.03 = 1.087 or 8.7%. See how it changes? So I hope you can work things out yourself now.

    TL;DR don't go for %DMG because you gain relatively so little compared to how much you already have (9% against 300% is peanuts). Only go for (1) %Boss, (2) %ATT, and (3) %IgnorePDR (not so important if your IgnorePDR on your stat window is about 80-100%).


  17. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Weapon multipliers apply to stats too and are just a multiplier to everything, not just attack. It does not cause attack to be worth more, as far as I'm aware.

  18. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    About weapon multipliers, it was Nexon's original intent to let classes with large weapon multipliers have smaller base weapon stats. Compare e.g. Buccs and Heroes, a Necro knuckle and a Necro 1H/2H sword. Even better: compare a Mage staff to a Bucc knuckle.

    But obviously things have changed so much that this difference is small because you gain so much WA from every possible equipment slot. Which also implies that, theoretically, classes with higher weapon multipliers will amplify this large attack value more and so do more damage. But we know this isn't necessarily the case... for various reasons I won't go into.

    In short, multipliers have nothing to do with %whatever. It does correlate somewhat to how much you stand to gain when dealing with +ATT stuff.


  19. Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    that was just for curiosity tho.. but thank you!

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    Default Re: xenon total dmg vs attack

    Weapon multipliers make +ATT worth more. So, for example, a +100 attack Onyx Apple increased an NL's range more than it increased a Shadower's. Once, before potential and the power creep hadriel mentioned, it was something to consider. Where it comes to %ATT, though, the multiplier is, as you said, irrelevant.



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