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    Approved. <3
    The jokes on you , this was an inside joke.

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    Joke's on you, Mcdonalds. I wouldn't come to your restaurant even if you had body builders serving the food.

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    rofl i love it

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    4:30 omfg my sides

  5. Trump minus th money
    IGN: xparasite9
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    Not even gonna bother viewing the video, but that's the one in Formosa Taiwan, right?

  6. Neutron Straight Male
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    Mmm, my daily Young Turks dosage

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    How was this an inside joke?

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    Khaini and I were having a discussion about this beforehand. ;) No need to fight. :p

    [9:54 PM] Khainiwest:

    Yeah. Also, just noticed your user tag lmao.

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    Having a discussion === An inside joke?

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    Mh, saw this on Crunchyroll earlier.



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