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  1. Default KMS U&I NX Sharing
    Any KMS players know if the used Surprise Style Box NX Items can be shared with all characters during this NX sharing period too?
    Does KMS even have Style Boxes?

  2. Default Re: KMS U&I NX Sharing

    No. Some cash items from events cannot be shared such as the RED Hot Time shirt and bucket weapon.

  3. Default Re: KMS U&I NX Sharing

    I guess I won't equip anything then :\

  4. Default Re: KMS U&I NX Sharing

    I don't see why that wouldn't work, it isn't like those NX items are special in any way once equipped, they just act like NX items bought directly from the Cash Shop. You can trade them freely around Explorer CS inventories so I assume you can trade them around to all inventories once the restriction is lifted.

  5. Default Re: KMS U&I NX Sharing

    Good point.
    I guess I'll take that risk ^^

  6. Default Re: KMS U&I NX Sharing

    I'll be slightly sad when we get this since I own like 7 grey bell robes and such, but otherwise really wanting this update. :v



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