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  1. Default How to actually get to Commerci?

    So, I've done all the Crimsonheart quests(aside from the PQ) up to the Gollux cracked heart quest, where I had to collect 50 of those Aquamarines or whatever, but now I'm lost on how to actually get to Commerci. No lightbulb has appeared on the left, and I'd really like to know.

  2. Default Re: How to actually get to Commerci?

    I think you need to be in the first gollux map where you first meet the girl for the quest to pop up.

  3. Default Re: How to actually get to Commerci?

    The first actual quest you get for Commerci is to travel to Ereve to talk to the Empress and Neinheart (it'll teleport you there). Should be able to accept it once you've collected 100 heart bits and gone into the map just outside Gollux.



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