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  1. Default Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to transpose the Tyrant eq into the Sweetwater? If I had a Tyrant I'd make an attempt just to check.

  2. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    You can do transposition with anything thing 140-150 in lvl req, there are no restrictions other than that, and it being fully scrolled.

  3. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    You can. Might not be the best idea but you can do it.

  4. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    It was determined in the other thread about SW transposing that if you're going to transpose a Tyrant, you better get it to at least 10 stars first. That way you get what you can out of the superior item system.

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    Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    It's one way to make sure your 15-star Tyrant doesn't get swept up in whatever cleanup Nexon end up doing

  6. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    if you have any tyrant with more than 7 stars, it is not worth transposing, even including sws bonus.
    maxing out stars (15) will transpose you with the best possible gear currently available.

    Bottom line, if Tyrant = 8-14 stars, do not transpose.

  7. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    Clarify please. So I have tyrant boots and cape at 10 stars..... should I transpose to complete the sws? In other words is 30% boss (full set) worth less (damage wise) than the base stats you would lose of the two tyrants. My primary activity in game is solo bossing. I want as much boss % as I can get. I only boss so sould I transpose my two tyrants (10 stars) to complete the set?????

  8. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    Don't forget the set bonuses for the SW gear though, don't just think of the end result 30%, to me the 195 all stat, and 108 atk I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, coupled with a 10 star tyrant enhancement would more than make up for the fact that you're no longer using a tyrant, plus you get 30% boss in the end.

  9. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    The entire reason I am going to sweetwater is because of those exact set bonuses (108 atk 195 all stat) for 4/6. I have a 6/7 emp set now (using tyrant shoes). I get those stats without having to transpose the tyrants though by having the other four armours in the sws. My dilema is if the 30%boss at the end is worth sacrificing the base stats of the two tyrants to complete the set. Anybody do the maths? Is 30% boss > base stats of tyrant shoes + cap?

  10. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    can't find the original thread (gave up looking a bit) but, after you have 8 stars on cape or shoe, transposing each piece will lower your range (seven stars is ~equal). that includes accounting for set bonus increases. except for that last +30% bossing, but remember the 5th piece gives no range bonus, and the 6th only gives 30% boss.

    until you have max (15) stars, you can aIways increase tyrant stats. once you transpose, its frozen forever.
    its easy to compare the individual pieces stats and atk values, but adding in the 30% bossing on 6th piece is tricky.

    imo, keep your 2pc tyrant and 4pc sws. save the equips to transpose after you add more stars.
    BUT, if you are completely finished adding stars to your tyrant (absolutely not gonna try at all), then transpose and be done.

  11. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    You have it backwards.

  12. Lightbulb Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    I revisited SweetWater vs Tyrant and i have a few different things to conclude.
    Firstly, calculating the +30% boss vs Stats and Atk depend on each individual character, but possibly can be generalized.
    Secondly, Each star enhance will transpose onto SW. So, it is a personal preference of when to stop enhancing, NOT a number of stars that are better or worse. You only lose the the ability to add more stars, if you are below max (15).
    Thirdly, SW set bonus must make up the difference in tyrant base stats for any/every comparison, not the number of stars.

    Sws Cape vs Tyrant Cape Base Stats Comparison (one piece)

    Sws Cape&Boot vs Tyrant Cape&Boot Base Stats Comparison (two pieces)

    When the above statements are not true, transposing over tyrants will lower your range.

    SWS Glove vs Tyrant Glove(single piece)

    *i want to revisit 4pc fafnir comparison later.

  13. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    Strictly speaking there is actually a minimum number of enhancements cutoff that allows you to transpose Tyrants without losing range.

    I had tried to do these numbers when Commerci wasn't released yet and the details were vague. Now that the data is out, I will say that a Fafnir-Sweetwater mixed set gives the greatest raw damage output (by virtue of the fact that Sweetwater uses overall but Fafnir is top/bottom). Specifically, a transposed Sweetwater weapon is necessary to achieve that. I don't think 30% Boss is that big a deal when, say, a Xenon is walking around with >300%Boss, compared to adding nearly 100 mainstat (300 for xenon) and nearly 50 WA/MA.

    One really needs to do a fair bit of math on Excel to figure out what is most optimal for one.


  14. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    lookit my spoilers. tyrant base stats only compare to the set bonuses.
    the enhancements transpose, so they are constants on both sides of the comparison

  15. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    SW are not superior. You gain much more by EEing Tyrants than SW, so if you transpose them before a certain number of stars you lose out on the superior bonuses you could have gotten from EEing the Tyrant first.

  16. Default Re: Tyrant -> Sweetwater?

    only if you are going to continue starring them after transposition. which i said.



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