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    pineappleing rich people

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    Eurgh. Good, he totally deserves to be treated like everyone else. If you drink and do stupid things that is your responsibility, you can't blame it on being young, and you can't blame it on alcohol, especially if it causes you to KILL people.

    It's a sad world where how rich you are affects how you are viewed in the law.

    Anyway, all that aside, "Affluenza" is a very clever term. I like it.

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    I suggest that he undergo treatment for this condition at least; staying confined in a holding facility for 20 years away from any money or wealth.

    Should do the trick, we can't just let him go free. Not in that condition.

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    Some people really deserve "hell". Mostly the lawyer and the psychologist; and anyone else who believes it is a thing.

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    The "treatment center" he's going to isn't even a fricken treatment center. It's basically a day spa for rich people. They have fricken "equine therapy", i.e. horseback riding to help their patients cope.

    The victims are suing the parents though (hell even one of the rich kid's friends is suing the parents). This defense really set up the parents for a lot of financial responsibility- the kid used his dad's company's truck to DUI and kill the people and the defense basically says "my parents didn't teach me right and wrong so it's all their fault", meaning they are definitely going to be paying out for their stupid kid. But rich people always can afford the best lawyers ~.~

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    The worst part is that he broke two distinct laws, which directly related to deaths, and he still got away with it simply because he was rich.

    He drank underage.
    He drove drunk.

    There's even a third potential law broken here - He drove underage. He's 16, and last I checked you can only get a provisional license when you're 16. If someone else was in the passenger's seat who supposed to be guiding him on the road...what the actual fu'ck, just because that person let him drive.

    If any one of us did any of those three things, the book would be thrown at us. Nothing happens to him. Then to top it off it resulted in 4 deaths and 2 injuries...and still nothing? We should all be insulted by this, I know I am.

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    You can have your restricted driver's license in Texas by the age of 16.

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    From the resources I can find - After six months of a provisional license...something I doubt he had to go through regardless of if it was in that time period or not at the time of incident.

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    The things people say when they are desperate. I'd like to see who the irresponsible people really are using that argument.




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