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  1. Default Battle Maison Strategy

    What strategy do you guys use for Battle Maison?

    I've been using Blaziken Gliscor Azumarill in Super Singles for some good results. Got to 42 before I got crit gimped.

    What team has worked for you and what would make a good team to do this indefinitely?

  2. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    Swagkey for hilarious results.

  3. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    Dragonite Mega kanga and aegislash got me to 68ish, and I lost because I forgot to mega evolve :|

    Also I used Gliscor/Aegislash/Mega kanga got me to 62 but I got 3 criticals from the enemy in a row so I was kind of screwed.

    Going to try Dragonite Mega Kanga and Scizor

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    Mega khan, cb Scizor and Aqua jet-bd Azumarill got me to 105.

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    Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    DDNite@Lum, Mega Kanga, and Greninja got me to 104. I would had totally had 104 if I noticed that the Tyrantrum was Choice banded in the FIRST place.

    It took out my Dragonite and Mega Kanga in a single shot with Head Smash all while trying to setup.

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    I miss PWT...

  7. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    Aww dang, everybody else is using MegaKanga as well.

    I've been switching around Azu, Aegislash, MegaMawile, and Goodra. Need to get my new Greninja's EVs up before I test him out.

    I guess up to round 10 is a start.

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    Bleh, Maison is becoming pretty irritating.

    Focus Bands, Bright Powders, Quick Claws everywhere.
    3 Pokemon put to sleep.

    I can understand why rules exist now in competitive play...

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    It's really fair that CPU can land 5 hydro pumps while I can't even land sky uppercut. DAMN YOU PROBABILITY!!!!

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    Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    Friend of mine just uses Entrainment Durant and got into the 100s.

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    People apparently have been exploiting that strategy since october, it'll get you in the mid 100's but then they spam protect/baton passers to counter it

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    You can get Whimsicott now so you could Taunt or Encore any of those problems away.

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    Sableye is probably better since it is a ghost/dark which gives it 3 switch ins with no repercussions (Normal//Fighting/psychic)

  14. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    I've been doing pretty well with a regular Rotom with a choice scarf in singles. Using the staple moveset; volt switch, shadow ball, hidden power ice, and trick. With it, it's pretty speedy and can grab you the momentum, as well as revenge kill weakened stuff, especially dragons. Kangaskhan makes a good partner to volt switch into. I switch between togekiss and talonflame for the last slot; for more of a distanced special attacker/flinch hax, or priority flying attacks to get rid of fighting types for kangaskhan. Rotom-Heat is also pretty good as it having a few more handy resistances, and for fire coverage.

    No team can counter everything, especially when you don't know what's coming from the battle maison... but most stuff gets royally screwed over by tricking a scarf onto it; setup/spamming status sweepers, walls, and sometimes being locked into a move that one of your own pokemon is immune to (especially when it's their last pokemon), means a win for you. Just be wary of the few things that aren't affected by it or is questionable that might have a choice item themselves. The CPU will switch though when it's locked in a move is non-effective against you, but it'll allow you at least one turn to boost or do whatever you need to.

  15. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    I used Greninja, Ursaring, and Xatu.
    That got me to about 35 before I got owned by an Accelgor.

  16. Default Re: Battle Maison Strategy

    You need Encore for VoltTurn pokemon and Taunt for passers and Sableye only has Taunt.

    And Whimsicott doesn't need to live anyway as long as it safely lets Durant do its thing.



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