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  1. Default Zero and Customization.

    I figured it made sense that while in Mirror World, you wouldn't be able to use things such as Royal Face/Hair coupons. I'm out of Mirror World and I still cannot use them. Is Zero just not able to be customized at all?

  2. Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    No, you can customize it just like any other class. Can change Alpha and Beta's hair/skin/eyes separately as well.

    Don't know about Royal coupons not working, but yes you can customize it.

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    Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    Royal hair coupon and face works. I did the face on alpha and hair on beta.

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    Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    Are you talking to the correct NPCs? only Big Headward and Nurse Pretty in Henesys can use Royal Coupons. I know they work because I used a Royal Face Coupon on my Zero just a few days ago.

  5. Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    Weird.. Maybe I'm bugged? It doesn't work for me.

  6. Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    It works, you just talk to the npcs and they will ask you if you'd like to change Alpha+Beta or Alpha/Beta only.

  7. Default Re: Zero and Customization.

    the npcs are also in 'quick move' for most towns. i used a royal face coupon on my zero from leafre about 1 week ago.



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