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    Default List of attack buffs/pots that stack?

    Does anyone have a list of attack buffs/pots that stack? Also if their is recipes can you give the name?

    I'm a bit in the old school mind set and only have apples on my list. Is their any others that stack with apples?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Default Re: List of attack buffs/pots that stack?

    Monster park extreme potions stack with everything and anything.

    so get a character set up to farm the tits out of that place.

    Personally, I'd recommend a zero, because they can't level out of it as it is, and they'd be great in there because I believe all the mobs are boss tagged.

  3. Default Re: List of attack buffs/pots that stack?

    If we're talking self buffed:
    - MPE pots.
    - 2 of any kind of Alchemy Pots.
    - 1 of any sort of normal attack pot (the ones from NLC, Apple, Stew, etc.)
    - Cash Shop weather effect.
    - Decent Advanced Bless
    - Event buffs (Cake Buffs, Winter Time Event buffs, etc.)

    As for party buffed, I don't really pay much attention to classes outside Explorers, and now with RED I know even less about them, but I do know that Rage and Meditation stack with everything.

  4. Default Re: List of attack buffs/pots that stack?

    I don't think cash shop weather effect stacks with normal attack potions (e.g. Warrior Elixir). It's one or the other.



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