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  1. Default New alchemy potions not working properly?

    Is it just me, or do the new alchemy potions (available to Craftsman & Meister) not work as intended? I made a few dozen of these Advanced Great Hero Boost Potions that supposedly add 10% ATT (without testing a single one before making more, lol), but was disappointed to see that they did not seem to function properly (after observing a much lower expected damage at bosses).

    Description of item:

    So they should stack with other ATT potions (e.g. Extreme Red Potion, Witch's Stew), and they are in the same category as the other Alchemy potions (e.g. Resistance, Blessing, Fortitude).

    Fully buffed stats:

    Expected ATT:

    2197 =/= 2064, something isn't adding up.

    Deselected the option for the potion in my Excel sheet.


    2064 = 2064, matches perfectly.

    So my questions are:
    • 1. Is it simply a graphical glitch, or do they really not work despite the fact that when you try to use a third alchemy potion while having two alchemy potions active (including the Advanced Great Hero Boost Potion) it prompts you that you cannot use more than two? Note: I suggest a graphical glitch because the %ATT potion somehow canceled the displayed icon of my Legends Blessing potion after changing maps/channels, without canceling its effect. I believe I went to Gollux before taking these screenshots?
    • 2. If it doesn't work, then is it possible that the other new post-RED potions (i.e. Boss Rush, Penetrating) do not work as well? (Haven't had the chance to make or test these yet.) Honestly, I just want something to replace my Legends Hero potion.

    My initial thought was that other ATT buffs may have canceled the potion's effect. This idea was discarded, however, when today I clicked on the potion unbuffed to observe no increase in the ATT stat box, but rather a change from black -> red text of my range.


    I also tested before & after damage on regular mobs, and to my surprise while there was an actual increase in damage, it was very marginal (on average, 1m+ higher per line of snipe?)... significantly smaller than a legitimate 10% ATT increase. So what's going on?

    Any insight on this topic is appreciated.

  2. Default Re: New alchemy potions not working properly?

    Try stripping to less than 2m range and seeing if the numbers match

  3. Default Re: New alchemy potions not working properly?

    Was waiting for the potion to cooldown (lol50minutes ).

    Clean max range before potion: FLOOR(ROUND(1.3125*4*((FLOOR((330+652)*(1+2.17),1) +45)+(FLOOR((330+818)*(1+2.13),1)+50)+(FLOOR((421+ 816)*(1+3.19),1)+40))*(FLOOR(931*(1+0.51),1)/100),0)*(1+0.69),1) = 1498771

    Actual max range before potion = 1498771

    Expected max range after potion: FLOOR(ROUND(1.3125*4*((FLOOR((330+652)*(1+2.17),1) +45)+(FLOOR((330+818)*(1+2.13),1)+50)+(FLOOR((421+ 816)*(1+3.19),1)+40))*(FLOOR(931*(1+0.51+0.1),1)/100),0)*(1+0.69),1) = 1597977

    Actual max range after potion = 1587456


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    I can't get it to spit out the number in your stat window on the 2nd pic.

    Which of the following numbers are counted and which are estimates?

    The diff is too big to be rounding error.
    So either you miscounted atk% or the potion is not +10% atk

    edit: either that or you have some kind of +damage (Bucc char card or something like that), but this doesn't seem to be the case based on pic 1.

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    Okay, mystery solved.

    Casually replaced the +0.1 to ATT: FLOOR(ROUND(1.3125*4*((FLOOR((330+652)*(1+2.17),1) +45)+(FLOOR((330+818)*(1+2.13),1)+50)+(FLOOR((421+ 816)*(1+3.19),1)+40))*(FLOOR(931*(1+0.51+0.1),1)/100),0)*(1+0.69),1) = 1597977 Does not match.

    for +0.1 to DMG: FLOOR(ROUND(1.3125*4*((FLOOR((330+652)*(1+2.17),1) +45)+(FLOOR((330+818)*(1+2.13),1)+50)+(FLOOR((421+ 816)*(1+3.19),1)+40))*(FLOOR(931*(1+0.51),1)/100),0)*(1+0.69+0.1),1) = 1587456 Matches.

    Turns out 10% WEAPON ATT was actually 10% (TOTAL?) DMG, which explains why my ATT didn't go up. Lol what a waste, these are worse than the Boss Rush potions. And I made like 50 of them, I feel like an idiot.

    Also, all of the values are whole numbers that were manually counted; the only estimates taking place are the FLOOR & ROUND functions for calculating range to the exact digit.

    Edit: Did some number crunching for average per line on 100% PDR target.

    10% ATT (actually DMG) potion -> 79,871,653
    30 ATT Hero potion -> 80,172,026
    20% Boss potion -> 81,356,256
    20% Ignore potion -> 79,699,707
    10% All Stats potion -> 80,246,571 out of the question since it probably doesn't stack with Blessing potion.

    I guess I'm sticking to Boss Rush from now on, seeing how the effect of %DMG should improve once bonus potentials are cubed for %ATT.

    Thanks for the help MountLag!
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    Oh that definitely makes sense.

    I was getting non-integer value for atk when using 69% total dmg in the second pic lol.

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    My god that SUCKS.


  8. Default Re: New alchemy potions not working properly?

    I didn't even know 10% att pots existed and am now incredibly saddened by this.



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