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    Okay, so my mom got me a new iPod for Christmas and I feel bad ._.

    I feel like I don't deserve a gift like this. I'm also thinking of it based on how much it costs. My family has been living paycheck to paycheck, according to what my dad keeps saying. This iPod is like $300. I'd accept it if were like $40 or something. Even though my current one is cracked and going out, it still works. I can deal with this one for at least a few more months. By then, I want to have a new phone and I could just port my music into that. My brother has been without an MP3 player for years now, and I'm thinking of giving it to him, instead.

    I also got a pair of $150 headphones and even I think this is too much. My family says I deserve it since I took back these same headphones to buy my brother a laptop he absolutely needed.

    All this gratitude my family is showing a lot for my mind to weigh on, especially after my dad's recent near-death hospitalization. I just want my family to focus all expenses on my dad and getting everything they need to help him recover.

    I think I finally understand why people hate 'charity' from their own family members.
    I've gladly accepted the headphones, but as for the iPod...I'm torn between using it, giving it back to my mom, and giving it to my brother ._.

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    Can you trade in your old ipod? I know why friend traded in a cracked ipone 4S when upgrading to an iphone 5 and got like ~$100 at Target. Maybe you could see if you could trade in your old ipod and give it to your brother?

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    I don't want to be "that guy" or a grinch, especially not so soon after the holiday season, but I come from a bit of experience here. I would return the iPod and furnish myself (if necessary) and my brother with significantly cheaper MP3 players, with cash leftover in the pocket. The premium you pay for that Apple logo is not worth the price you pay, again, not trying to start anything.

    I remember one year, it was my birthday, and I wanted an iPod, it too, was $300 and I received it. But as time went on, in a combination of reflection of my family's situation at the time and becoming more tech-savvy, I really feel like I just threw a minimum of $200 dollars of my family's money away on that birthday.

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    I have no idea if I can trade it in, but I'll look into it!

    True true...I'm not the kind of guy to pawn stuff that my parents gave me. Seems kinda bad.

    I think what I may end up doing is saving a couple hundred bucks and get my brother one soon. I just noticed this thing HAS FLASH!
    I'm keeping it now since I opened it. Apparently iMessage is addicting. Along with these tones and iOS7.

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    I think your family will feel worse if you do anything besides use it. It'll hurt their pride the most, and that's the worst thing you can hurt

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    One of my friends said almost the same exact thing to me today. He told me that he would feel hurt if his child decided to give it away and/or not use it. The last thing I want to do is hurt feelings.

    Thanks all for the feedback. I'm going to use the iPod.



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