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Thread: Zero Discussion

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    Lately I see so many Zero Thread I decide to make a thread just for zero class

    Hope this help any problem about zero class or question

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    Default Re: Zero Discussion

    And zero discussion starter.

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    Zero is fun but there are too many buttons, not used to playing with a keyboard
    I really like the animations for Alpha's whirlwind attack, Wingbeat would be much cooler if it had those ones instead of the dumb Kaiser ones. Also the animation for the ultimate with all the swords is beautiful.

    and you guys are mean

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    I've eventually given up on using the 3rd action from Combination 1, because it requires a server response (c.f. potting, looting, teleporting) and will not allow further actions to occur until it procs. So now what I do is press Combination 1 skill twice, then press something else. The Combination 1 skill will reset back to the first move. In fact I take less touch damage this way because all my mob kissing occurs due to this 3rd move.

    Levelling on a slow connection and without quest booster is a bit... grindy...


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    4 fingers for alpha 4 for beta

    Is like playing the piano.
    Maybe a DDR pad for directional keys unless you have 3 hands.

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    Quest booster is a big help. @Mazz; Its only 8 skills, which is more than most classes but adds some choice/variety. I usually alternate between the last two combinations for beta and alpha (since they are the strongest), and use the fist to reduce cooldowns. With tagging, you can throw out two combinations and switch, and by the time you tag back the cooldowns should be over.

    One thing I noiticed was that Alpha can not use the combination 2 attack in trade voyages (i guess because of the teleport/dash), but if you tag to Beta and use combination 2 Alpha will execute combination 2 fine. Which makes no sense.

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    I did a Horntail run using a DDR pad instead of my PS2 controller in like 2009, it was hilarious.

    @Niernen; I've mostly been spamming the one that throws Alpha up in the air and then moves him back close to where he started, then using the lowest level attack to reset the cooldown (I'm only 14x, so I don't have all the skills yet, I'm just noob), and on bosses spamming pretty much every button aside from the two that rush Alpha/Beta forward because that isn't useful when I'm killing something stationary. Tagging is pretty fun, haven't had much time to play Zero yet but it does seem very entertaining. I saw someone training at Hall of Honour earlier and holy pomegranate it looked like so much fun compared to other classes I've played.

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    I started doing this for the mirror KFT quest (where you must capture time cubes), as I figured out on my second zero that their touch seals you, quite annoying otherwise.

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    My combo is usually alternating between Storm Blade (which is incredibly useful at party play areas, it's devastating) and Ground Break. That combo has incredible range, and it's a way of using the same skill twice in a row while ignoring cooldown and tagging as much as possible.

    After a full tag-assist combo, I usually use Alpha's Grand Rolling Cross to suck some enemies in and do a ton of damage, and tag into Beta's Spin Driver to clean them up, before starting up doing the first combo again. sometimes I'll start with Spin Driver and then tag into Grand Rolling Cross just before the attack ends. switching it up keeps it slightly more fun and interesting.

    Doing this at Knights Stronghold and Dimension invade has been amazing, with this combo I pretty much never stop attacking. I never take any real damage or use up my time force because the characters are always tagging, and since i'm practically always doing assists, it maximizes my DPS too and makes clearing a spawn incredibly fast, fun, and easy.

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    My lame way of bypassing a long Rolling Cross cooldown when there's a mob at the top platform and I'm too lazy to teleport up -- Tag to Beta. Alternatively, I can just wave 1st combination into thin air and still reduce the cooldowns.


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    my combo usage at mobs and boss

    wind cutter, rolling cross, giga strike, rolling cross, repeat.

    make sure you do the atk 3(2 for rc) times so it proc the extra atk thing.

    beta throwing atk and spinning is weak as well the alpha zip attack.

    also if you're lazy, alternative the basic attacks work fine too.

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    I got my zero to 180 and had the inspiration to train it to 200. Then I died and lost percent so I decided I'd quit it.

    The journey was fun.

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    I just put alpha's combo starting skill on a key and beta's assisting combo starting skill on a key next to it. Spam both keys. It works.

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    Does anyone know what quest/part of story where the reward given is 100% scroll for glove for att (3att)? Its account tradable too.

    Tagging and such will be more fun starting at level 160+. Hopefully the usc also fix the shockwave and neb issues too.

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    I think it was a Temple of Time quest.

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    Default Re: Zero Discussion

    It's the quest line from the Amnesiac Scholar at MirrorWorld!Temple of Time. (the guy with the hood over his face that has memory problems). You need to talk to him and then talk to the lady. There are 3 different parts to the quest that all work in the same way, just getting a different item from a different dungeon. it's quite easy.

    That particular quest line is a cool read too, Alpha's reaction at the end is genuinely quite interesting due to his own past.
    For anyone who didn't bother reading it

    Have I mentioned that I love the writing in the Zero quests? cause I really do.

    There was a Henesys one I liked too, where you keep being told to go back and forth between 2 people to deliver messages, and at the end Alpha is just like "you know what, pineapple you. I am not delivering any more of your messages, get up and go tell them yourself." *Questline abruptly ends*

    It really made me laugh.

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    It's cool, you'll stop using Alpha combination 1 when you learn combination 3.

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    i just put combination 1-4 on qwer for Beta, and combination 1-4 on asdf for alpha. Transcendent skills on 1234. Worked from 1-180 so far.

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    I give this thread a 0/10. As for combos, once I hit combo 3 for both of my characters I straight up stopped using combo 1 for Alpha. I still use it for Beta because it just works better, but by using Alpha's combo 2 and 3 once, going back to 2, then tagging over to beta for her combo 1 and 3, Alpha's combo 3 is fully cooldowned and ready to start the cycle of murder train all over again.

    I'm guessing this is pretty much how it'll work for their 4th combos too? By the time you cycle through the combos and tagging they'll be ready to use again?



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