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  1. Default Zero crash in Erevee

    Well, I decided yesterday evening to try and complete the Root Abyss questline for my Zero.
    I started with being tele'd to Erevee. No problems. I chose to skip the cutscenes, and was sent to Sleepywood. I continued to go through the quests, up to where I was to be tele'd back to Erevee to report to Neinheart. Well, tele'd happened, but before the Erevee background appeared, the screen went dark, the Root Abyss music kept playing. This went on for a few more seconds before the Erevee background appeared briefly, before I crashed. I got an option to send an error report to Zero. Any new attempts now to reconnect to my Zero results in the same thing (only the MapleStory login music plays, and this time the Erevee background doesn't show before crashing).
    I believe my Map.wz file might have gotten corrupted somehow. Will the only way to fix this is to redownload and reinstall MapleStory?

  2. Default Re: Zero crash in Erevee

    try rebooting your computer first, I had a similar problem on another one of my characters and that fixed it, alternatively, try a fresh install.



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