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  1. Default Zero and Nebulites

    Is it just or me we can't add a Nebulite to Lazulli and Lapis? do other version also have this restriction?

    Just recently got back into the game, not sure if I missed anything with Nebulites and Drills involving the above mentioned weapons

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    Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    KMS doesn't have nebulites, so I wouldn't know.

  3. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    No, Zero cannot put nebulites into their weapons. Whether it's intentional or not, I don't know, but I certainly hope it gets changed... just a tad unfair.

  4. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    Two weapons that can be scrolled at once, can get unique and really nice pots on both FOR FREE, on a class that is INSANELY OP and people stil complains about nebulites? -.-

  5. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    Yes, because it's unfair.

  6. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    Allow me to direct you towards dual blades. Fully scrollable secondary weapon, now with a sweetwater version that passively has 30% boss and 10% defense ignore. Your argument is moot. There are far worse things out there. There is absolutely no reason to disallow Zero to have nebulites in their weapons.

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    Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    dual blades also have to spend 2x the money so it evens out a bit

  8. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    That's not the point, nor should "spending" even be used as an argument. Fact is it is POSSIBLE for a dual blade to get a 200+ attack edge over everyone else because their secondary weapon is scrollable and the attack from it is used in their damage calculations. That is far worse than "scrolling two equips at once". Zero only uses the attack from the primary that's equipped. Only the potential is used from both at once.

    There is no reason to disallow Zero a feature that EVERYONE else has access to. Absolutely no reason for it.

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    Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    lol on most people against zero having nebs on their weapon. I already had heated debates on this with friends, most against it. Their arguments? Zero op. imo, it is not about the opness of the class. Neb is supposed to be available to every class, just like additional options is available to everyone in kms. So, the fact that zero can't use neb is 'unfair'.

    Nexon just probably forgot to make it available on the wep.

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    Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    It's simply because Zero can't unequip the weapons, that's the entire problem. They haven't made the Nebulite or Socket Drills compatible with the way Zero's upgrade screen works.

    It's probably a simple fix and it's just a matter of time before they fix it.

  11. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    That's what I figured too. Now if only Nexon was more timely with their fixes.

  12. Default Re: Zero and Nebulites

    Sure would be nice if there were legit non-nx ways to get 20/25% bossing nebulites in the first place... Giving out random A nebulites in Gachapon or Magic Teapots or whatever is so crappy.



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