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  1. Default What equips should I get

    I am a lvl 112 Hero
    I have close to 800 mil.
    What equips should I get

    As of now, I have
    -15 attk wgs
    -156 attack Beheader (slow 2h sword) with +14% total damage and +25 str
    -evo ring lvl III (the one that has +10 weapon attack)
    -zombie ring
    -pharaoh ring
    -some defense ring that i crafted
    -i have a %4 str belt
    -%3 str shoes
    -3% str cape
    -3% earrings

    I feel like i should get better shoes, maybe some nice armor. Im not sure if i should be trying to get a different sword since its slow but it hits pretty high numbers. I think i should also get some nice face accessories like nice glasses and earrings.
    If you have any suggesting, please let me know what i should be looking for along with the price that it holds. I am in windia if that matters.

  2. Default Re: What equips should I get

    a faster sword, scrolled with 8atk 50% event scrolls from the RED coin shop

  3. Default Re: What equips should I get

    Don't worry about your gear until level 140, but be sure to ditch that sword ASAP, no one likes crummy slow swords.

    Remember its not all about gear when it comes to damage, sure the question is "What equips should I get" but in general thats to get higher damage right? If you want, easy sources include link skills (Demon Avenger and Kanna stand out in particular), a cygnus knight for the empress-blessing etc. Also farming potions from Monster Park extreme can give you a decent damage boost with the 30 w.att and +1 speed level from red and green potions respectively. Buuut if you've already done all of this then ignorethisparagraph.

    Aside from that though, I'd recommend buying an empress 2hander (axe would be cheaper) and then scrolling that with the 50% 8.att scrolls in the coin shop (with this weapon you can later upgrade it to sweetwater), doing the silent crusade questline to buy the mystic set of gear, getting 6% earrings and go train at Monster Park Extreme for the purple senior set, which reveals itself as epic (so you can get a 4% str shoes and overall).

    Bleh, sorry if my advice is shoddy but answering these sorts of questions is hard.

    TL/DR = work on things aside from gear (link skills), train and level up your skills + increase stat base and go to MPE for the potions and whatnot, once you're a high enough level buy some empress gear, get silent crusade gear.



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