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  1. Default Arkarium' Summons

    I'm sorry if this has been already answered, but it's been bothering me for a while already.

    I recall seeing a video, a couple months ago, where a Zero could take down that guy and it's snakes, ignoring their previous resistance to physical attacks; but once I've tried going there, such resistance was still there.

    These are some examples:


    Am I missing something? Is there another way to get rid of these things that I'm not aware of? D:

  2. Default Re: Arkarium' Summons

    In GMS, Normal Aky's snakes still have immunity to physical attacks, while in KMS (and I think most other versions), they lost it during Unlimited/Unleashed/Spark. The only way to get rid of them as a physical attacker is to be one that ignores Weapon Cancel (like Kaiser, DS during the first 36 seconds of Dark Meta) or be strong enough that things you have which ignore weapon cancels (like DS's Dark Meta's orbs or Xenon's Aegis System) can kill them.

  3. Default Re: Arkarium' Summons

    are you sure? I still see tons of 1s in the first video he posted. Could time distortion possibly dispel the physical immunity?

  4. Default Re: Arkarium' Summons

    That is a definite possibility, but I'm also pretty sure they removed physical immunity, at least eventually if not when I said.

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    99% sure that KMS Arky Snakes lost physical immunity with the Unlimited patch.

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    They 100% removed it, a alliance member and I have duo hayato'd ark a few times, so we can attest to the fact that the snakes die to physical attacks, and have done so for a while now...

    On the note of Zero: time distortion removes all buff's bosses can do, including dr...

    Editted in zero factoid.

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    Unless they changed it very recently, or you're doing easy mode, no, they don't. As of the patch before this, one of my buddies was still complaining, because he didn't know, about snakes being physical immune.

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    Not all buffs, had Zakum in my Time Distortion field being all "lol your physical attacks deal 1s".

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    Stationary bosses seem to act a little whonky when it comes to time distortion.

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    Basically, the bad things of pre-Unleashed and the bad things of post-Unleashed were combined to make one craphole of a boss that we know as Arkarium, post revamp.

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    Magnus wasn't too much better for me too, always did invisible 1hkos. I'd always die randomly to his green explosion that is apparently now invisible to me now. The simulator seems to work fine, the real versions do not. From being still too fast to invisible, this is must be Nexon's joke.

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    I did normal Arkarium yesterday on my NL. I thought I accidentally picked easy mode since it was so easy, but it counted for the quest.

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    just tested this, time distortion does not remove physical resistance on the snake things on my zero ;/ wanted to solo normal mode too D:

  14. Default Re: Arkarium' Summons

    I think it might be the Night Lord's Mark shurikens that ignore the phys. resistance when I poundered this some more.

  15. Default Re: Arkarium' Summons

    Tried to test for you, and turned out that I do so little damage I basically gave up. Even on Easy mode.


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    Easy mode is when you can kill the snakes, regardless of job.



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