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  1. Default Hammers and Enhancing.

    Weapon finishing question.

    I only have 50% Golden Hammers, and 1 Safety Scroll. I have lots of untradeable AEEs, and maybe a couple 5 star EEs. I have a fair number of RED coins and no more 90% scrolls. So the last 2 slots are getting 50% 8 atk in them if they get scrolled during the RED event.

    I currently can't charge NX on my main account (and Nexon hasn't got back to me about it since like March). Besides, I don't think Safeties are in the Cash Shop.

    I'd like to do the enhancing before I make this untradeable.

    Should I just 50% hammer it, hope one or both pass, then safety+50% and hope that passes?
    Enhance it now, which only cuts off 2 atk anyway, and then hammer it?
    Something else? I'm impatient to equip on account of the damage increase etc.

    I don't have a large quantity of mesos around (like 120mil left after buying the clean Katana), is there any reason people would be selling 100% hammer / safety scrolls though?

    It'd be 260 atk fully scrolled so the 5-star scroll would make it 296; thus no loss from being under 300 if I do that. I imagine I should wait and slate before going to 6+ stars though.

  2. Default Re: Hammers and Enhancing.

    50% hammer: worked
    50% 2h weapon attack with prot: worked
    50% hammer: failed
    20% slate: worked
    50% 2h weapon attack: worked

    I guess pomegranate worked out just fine.



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