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    My name is Fidens and I am just coming back to MS since I had left temporarily back in 2012. I am trying to find information on this class. I feel like I have looked everywhere the best I can, unless I am blind. I understand the basics with the ap distribution and skill builds. I am just trying to figure out what gear is optimal as I progress(currently lvl 50) and since so much has changed what are somethings I should know. If this thread is somewhere else could someone kindly direct me to it.

    Thank you

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    Any Thief/Pirate gear, with allstat% potential.

    In terms of endgame, Tyrant is his main core (With enhancements giving so much allstat) and either Root Abyss Set Thief or Pirate (Xenon can wear gear of both classes)
    Alternatively, you could use Sweetwater equips which have a huge allstat bonus if you're not too funded as well.



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