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  1. Default Aura Kingdom - Open Beta Jan. 6th 5:30PST!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    Southperry members will be making their characters in the Siren server.


    ShinraSoldier - Coogi
    Annette - Corn
    Emirel - Hypermug
    Forget - Rob
    ThirdFool - FoolsLove
    MrFry - MrFry
    Diabolic - GunPowder
    MisterZodiac - Olsi
    Wizardry/Beedle - Five Second Pose
    Yonce - Jon
    Rosenherz - Celan
    iGunYou - SoR0XaS
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  2. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Closed Beta. Open Beta isn't due till after the Stress Test, which is after this Closed Beta.

    Lv43 Sorc/Bard here (yay for Founder's Beta...though it took less than two days to get to Lv40).

    Also have a Lv41 Duelist/Gunslinger, which took a lot longer to hit Lv40 than the Sorc because I read through every line of text (I created it first).

    Wondering what I should make next...but anyway, I've got my build and pathing down for my Sorc, but not my Duelist. Maybe I should reset her stats and try various builds?

    Oh yeah, my Sorc's Alucina and my Duelist's Alacris.

    p.s. Levelling begins to get significantly harder after Lv40, and the lack of post-40 content due to this being a beta isn't helping any. But from what I gather, this is a game where you're meant to breeze through the first 40 levels and get to the meaty, delicious mid to endgame segment when the full game goes live.

  3. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A

    Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    The Ravager uses giant axes...which might look like a scythe @_@.

  4. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Apparently there's a class called Scythe in the TW server.

    The first new class we'll be getting is Katar (Rogue, of course) though.

    And I heard something about some kind of archer class...


    What I like about this game is that you can literally subclass anything. A magic-slinging Duelist? Why not? A gun-toting Guardian? Sure, no problem!

    Certain class combinations give you special combo skills though (well, they're just bonus skills to add to your list), but of course they're not always the most effective combinations so you're still encouraged to mix and match. Besides, those skills have atrociously long cooltimes anyway.

    Some interesting combinations being thrown around are Guardian/Bard (essentially a Paladin-esque class; a healing tank) and Gunslinger/Sorcerer (putting enemies to sleep while chipping away at their HP with DoTs while setting up traps!).

    As a Sorc/Bard, I'm a hybrid DPS-Support, boosting my team's damage (Demon Seal increases damage received by its victim) while piling on the DoTs (I have what, 6 of them?), and I can even heal and buff when necessary. Sorcerer has a pretty potent attack buff (which sadly consumes a particular item), and one of my combo skills is a large-scale speed buff (in this game, "speed" boosts attack speed and reduces cooltime).

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A

    Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Already signed up for a beta key.

  6. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Did you buy one of the packs to get in earlier? I followed the game for so long one of the first few like they had but it was taking so long for a date for beta and the money thing already was annoying. But I wish I had paid earlier now, it seems pretty good. Are they wiping anyone?

  7. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Yeah, I bought the Gold pack (second cheapest). Would have bought Supply, but I wanted the Founder title at least. :x

    They're wiping after the Stress Test I think. Either that or they're wiping at the end of CBT, which is right before the Stress Test. But either way, everyone starts fresh in OBT.

    Founders get to keep their character names though.

  8. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    its pretty fun

  9. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    I've been looking around for a wiki of the original version, if anyone happens to know it, could I get a link to it? I want to see if there are cute enough eidolons to make me play this; I saw a picture of the pink haired girl start in a maid outfit and that was pretty cute, and another pink haired girl with bunny ears floating on top of a crescent moon. I'm just thinking about playing this during the times when I'm out of content on FFXIV honestly, I played EE for a while so I know basically what to expect from xlegend and it's bearable.

  10. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Er i'll ask my friend about it. They just changed the names around it seems

  11. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Original version is called Fantasy Frontier Online, I know that much, just can't find a wiki in any of the usual spots like or the blog.naver sites.

  12. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    have you checked the english wiki? Has quite a few . Still have to look around for the other pic i had

  13. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    X-Legend is a Taiwanese company, isn't it?

  14. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    I'd totally be down for this if we'd play in groups so I can play a tank and actually drag focus

  15. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    Yeah it only has a couple on it, there's a ton more plus CS outfits for them too apparently.

    I think so, but wikiwiki usually at least has one up for JP players that hop around other versions; actually, to clarify, it HAS a page, but it's completely empty, they even stopped halfway through making the template so it's a mess.

  16. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    I'm getting the diamond pack because I want the panther :(.

    I'll let you know what my IGN is, are there multiple servers?

  17. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    just 1 and it isn't worth getting beyond the basic founder pack at all. pretty much rip off

  18. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    I'm interested....but when I tried to log into my account I was apparently banned for violating the Terms of Service....which I never did. I mentioned it to my friend who told me that a horde of accounts were randomly banned for no reason at all, a while ago. His and his friend's included as well.

    Not sure I trust that from happening again, AeriaGames is as bad as Nexon.

  19. Default Re: Aura Kingdom

    If they're wiping, I'm not going to pick the game up until OBT, as I don't have much interest in losing progress, and I don't have the money for any founder packs.



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