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    So as I was cleaning I found a spider and as usual I was gonna move it to avoid getting it kill but when moving it around I got to see its underbelly and lo and behold the dreaded hourglass so I changed my plan to capture and release but as I was checking to see if it really was I got to know that there are no black widows here so I can't just set it free since its an invading species, so now I got no clue what to do all I can think of is calling emergencies and let them handle it, but in this time of the year? I bet they're already busy as hell but even if its a deadly animal I don't want to kill it but I might not have any choice, any thoughts? Should I keep her with her egg around till after christmas and deal with it by giving her to the right people?

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    kill it >:O

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    pomegranate, If I was in that situation i'd throw my house keys at it.

    ...not to try and scare it off, mind you, it can have the house, i'd be out of there and never coming back.

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    Kill it. Its either you or them

    No but seriously, if its a venomous spider then just killing it is the best option, make sure it doesn't run off though like Razmos said.

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    If it's an invading species then I don't see anything wrong with just killing it. You do NOT want that egg to finish doing its thing.

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    L> pictures?

    If you can confirm for certain that it's a black widow, it's probably best to call a specialist. If it's an invading species, that could be potentially hazardous for the ecosystem you live in.

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    It's better off you kill it, but it's only dangerous if it's female, and even then it's just painful, and requires a doctors visit.

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    Nah it can't run off, I caught it, first she was running all over the place(maybe looking for her eggs), the she changed to a attack position, now she just made a nest and is resting.

    If I can find the right people to hand it over by the 26th I think I'm gonna kill it but I would rather not, black widow or not she's a spider and all spiders deserve to live and eat the eyes of all those that kill their kin just 'cuz "SPIDER!".

    @Link; Its a Latrodectus geometricus, even the egg is the same as the one in the page.

    @KhainiWest; It is female.

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    If you consider being kept in captivity with the possibility of your venom being milked on a weekly basis 'living' I guess you have a legitimate perspective

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    At the end my brother showed me that I was overreacting, the spider is just a brown widow(didn't read anything from the wiki page I linked until now :D) that although it's not originally from here I guess it's no longer considered an invading species and though its poison is as toxic as that of the black widow its bite is not as dangerous since it injects way less than the black widow, so if I can't find her a home by the 27th in some cozy lab I'll take her into the woods so she can't harm people and people wont harm her.

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    Hope a bird or something doesn't eat the spider immediately afterwards, then.


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    Kill it, kill it and set fire to the nest. It must be destroyed.

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    I'd have killed it on sight, no matter what kind of spider it was.
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    As opposed to taking it somewhere else to kill it?

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    Wow. How did I not realize that when I typed it?

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    So much hate towards a poor little thing that eat stuff that make us sick, anyway I already released it far away from most houses, hope no one finds it and kill it.



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