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Thread: [Scania] R>DremithCross

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    IGN: icephoenix21
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    Guild: DremithCross
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    Cash3 R>DremithCross

    About Us

    DremithCross has been around since late 2008. Due to unforeseeable circumstances with things going on in my personal life at that time, I had to put the guild on hiatus because I could not commit to the time and effort that a guild deserves. However, my life has settled quite a bit and I'm eager to bring back my guild and make it an active family once again. The members of this guild are close-knit, yet welcoming to newcomers. The foundation of this guild is the friendship and personal relationship we have with each other, both in game, and sometimes outside of game via other social networks.

    Since I am rebuilding this guild, it is rather small, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is easier to get to know people while the guild is small and growing, than it is in a larger guild.

    The guild is also a part of the Lucid Alliance with the Versus guild. If we feel that a guild would be a good fit for the alliance, we are open to more alliances.

    About the leader (me)

    My name is Heidi and I'm a 23 year-old Graphic Design student at a Canadian University. Even though the school year can prove to be busy and overwhelming, I still take care of my guild and its members the best I can. I can be a bit sassy and blunt at times, although I do my best to control it; but better to be honest with someone than to lead them on, yes? The only other guilds I've been in are Valkyrie (before I made this guild), GoldenHawk (has died out), and Chrono. I have recently left Chrono and my Junior status there.

    So why did I leave Chrono?
    Hands down, I'll admit that Chrono in the past has been one of the best guilds in Scania. However, the leader has pretty much gone on hiatus due to real life priorities (which is fine, real life should take a definite priority), the direction of the guild has shifted and I feel that the initial visionary goal of the guild has been lost. There is a lack of closeness, family and friends, and more of a focus on damage range, mindless grinding, and less than honorable actions going on in secret; of which I would like no part of, nor do I want that reputation under my name. That being said, the guild still has some good people in it.

    In regards to bossing

    I have had experience with every boss in the game, so I know the general procedures for most bosses. I usually don't do the simpler bosses such as Zakum and Horntail, however if my guildmates find joy in doing so or need something that drops from the boss, then I am more than willing to go with them, as would most of the guild. Bosses that we are able to do are:

    • Zakum/Chaos Zakum
    • Horntail/Chaos Horntail (drops are a possibility once we have enough people)
    • Arkarium
    • Hilla/Hard Hilla
    • Pink Bean
    • Root Abyss
    • Gollux
    • Easy, Normal Magnus (Hard is near impossible)

    The leader of Versus hosts Chaos Pink Bean on the weekends, and everyone is welcome.
    We have taken down all Chaos Root Abyss bosses, except for Vellum.
    We empress in groups of two, with 3-5 people in each group and will continue to make more groups (so everyone has a group running a few times a week).

    -No level requirement
    -Must be active (or inform me of your hiatus)
    -No hacking/scamming/questionable abuse of the game via exploits or what have you
    -No begging, no spamming the chat.
    -Use common sense of what topics are acceptable to discuss
    -Be open and honest with each other

    So if you are interested in joining either leave your name/IGN below, or send me a PM on here. Then either a Jr. or myself shall add you to the guild
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    I am interested. I just came back to the game about a week ago. The game's changed so much ... I'm lost haha. IGN: LeonNemea, current level: 94.

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    I will sent you a PM.
    I Hope the best for you and all the people that compounds this guild =).

  4. Donator Straight Female
    IGN: icephoenix21
    Server: Scania
    Level: 212
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: DremithCross
    Alliance: Evolution
    Farm: IcePhoenix

    Default Re: R>DremithCross

    Sure, and thank you very much! :)
    My guild and alliance will be glad to help where we can! I have class for a few hours, but should be online most of the evening and be able to add you



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