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  1. Default Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    So I am trying to decide which class to main for bossing the thing is I canít find out who is faster yet , the bosses I care about are gollux , RA , Magnus.

    For zero my range is around 80k (with less items than paladin , I would have an extra 30k range maybe or more by moving the untradeable items of paladin , with link skills tho)
    For Paladin with 95k range (without the link skills)
    For DB 80k range (with link skills) with crappy dagger and katara
    My items are not ready yet as I still save my upgrades but my total range with is 250k or so.

    I did some test on some bosses but I want other to share their opinion about the three classes that I mentioned vs each boss.

    (sorry for my english :/)

    V.S Zakum Ė Chaos Zakum
    The fight system: is simple , alpha to aoe kill the arms fast+ beta aoe if needed (I would start with Zero ultimate tho which can take the arms instantly as I think)
    Result: Faster than the other two thanks to the aoe skills and high dmg of them.

    V.S Hilla
    For DB I have to wait at the DR time when for zero with a good timing you can remove it , and the same goes with paladin and way easier.
    Result: Paladin in my opinion is faster , zero is close to it but I am maybe wrong , for DB I donít remember.

    V.S Root Abyss
    The main problem is that your dmg get reduced the time she cast her reflect because you will lose all beta and alpha stacks , the same goes after one death , you take longer time than the other classes to reach full buff again.
    The Fight System: I start with zero ulti , reset cooldown , ulti , I spam tag till the 15 seconds of invisible ends and here the suffering may start , not much pain tho xD , its just zero doesnít have good survivatly and relay much on potions.
    Result: Itís hard for me to notice if zero is faster than paladin or not , and if there is a different the current different is unnoticeable , the only reason that zero maybe can catch with pally is the boss dmg as I think (As paladin has void to does more dmg , I didnít save the number of dmg per line tho).
    About the db I find it close to the other classes too if not faster (My test with it was months ago).

    The same main problem in queen is happening more here , the time you wear the same hat color you lose all your buffs , and the ugly fall hats (with my keyboard I need to smash my >< to get out of them xD) , in short in this fight zero is not that great.
    The Fight System: same as the queen , its just annoying fight.

    Result: Paladin is way faster thanks to the long invisible buff (just hoping you donít get the same hat color so soon) , the DB comes close to paladin too , zero is the last.

  2. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    I do not know enough about Zero yet to really judge, but I can say that both Zero and DB are significantly better at bossing compared to Pally. I can imagine that Zero's bind and the insane shield Beta has make the class pretty dang handy. DB's are seriously OP with Asura though, and I have doubts about Zero matching that output.

    However, 250k top range will not be enough for Hard/Hell mode Gollux, Chaos RA or Normal/Hard mode Magnus. At least not solo.

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    Zero is a great mobber, but to be effective in combat against a boss you need obscene amounts of control, which I think is what makes this class balanced

  4. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    Paladin is a great bosser because it can bind, has invincibility and can survive 1hko attacks.

    However, with the bosses you listed:

    Gollux: Let's face it, without obscene range pallys can't kill hell gollux efficiently. It's easy when you are on the jaw stage, but once you get to the eyes you are really screwed. You either have to sacrosanity and be able to killthe eyes before the duration ends and kill it faster before you achieve 5 stacks of summons on your dead for instant death [you still die with sacrosanity up, tested] Bind is totally useless.

    Magnus: They are good at this boss, but not the best. Keeping up your charges and blasts can be infuriating, esp on a boss that requires you to be mobile, dodging every couple secs and having a death count. Stillhave no clue if the bombs are affected by pally's survival passive [i dont think so] but you can live through 1hkos that he does, which is very useful. You can cancel out the wep defense he has so you do full damage like mages, which I find extremely effective. Like I said, decent.

    RA: I think the video explains it all. Legit Godmode...

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    Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    I don't know too much about Zero, so I can't say much about them.
    Paladins are good for bossing, but they do lack some mobility.
    I say dual blade if you're planning on going to chaos root abyss and gollux because things like bind and crash are pretty useless there anyways.

  6. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    I still feel the paladin is Underestimated by people.
    About DB the only reason i see it viable on these bosses is thanks to asura because I just use asura to burst enemy then try to survive for the next asura.
    For Zero as of now i see it the worst out of three , the bind you talk about doesn't work on RA :/ and that 50% shield doesn't help much when you get high hits.
    For paladin the 30 second of invisible gives you easy fights for some bosses (gollux as example).

    250 range is not my max range as i am using tyrant + RA i just need to cube them for a decent %.

    I find out the control word for zero kind of fake , as the real problem of zero is not how to control your skills to do the best damage , many of the bosses force you to stop attacking at times which hurts zero full damage (In my example you can't kill the boss in 15 seconds , and after all for me if you kill a boss in 15 second then there is no point to play xD because you just outdmg the content)

    The truth about paladin survive 1hko is kind of misleading , you can survive some of them not all (At least i died in some 1hko for some reason) , the bind is great when it does work , sadly it doesn't work on all.
    Invincibility is what turns a paladin into a god.

    Thanks for your answer. (yeah i know that video :P)

    Ah as i thought i notice my db was way viable , but doesn't the paladin void makes up for that , or at least this what i think paladin needs half the range other classes need vs these bosses?

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    As a zero player I can say one thing about zero, we can dispell boss buff's, this means DR, I have done this to BH, Hilla and such, using Time Distortion, is the key getting rid of boss buff skills, as well as any ailment you or your party has, as long as you are within the field.

  8. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    Yeah the thing is DR is not a big problem , warriors can deal with it , pally can deal with it twice the other two warriors , other classes will wait a few seconds (for db you just need to time it so you don't waste your asura).
    I would like if people share their zero experience vs RA bosses as example.

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    I haven't tried CRA yet since I haven't been doing much there, but in terms of the bosses, the only one that poses an issue as a zero is vellum, being able to combo him correctly requires a bit of skill. Other than that I didn't find Queen,Von Bon, or Pierre to be an issue, my Alpha/Beta Range is roughly 66/72k

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    oh nice , thanks alot for sharing this , do you notice any problem with how much dmg you take or heal , or do you spam much potions to heal ? (in queen at least as in clown he doesn't do much dmg

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    I'd pick pally but thats just me, I hate Zero and DB to death :3

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    In terms of potting, I tend not to have to pot much due to switch healing, what dmg I do take though isn't much since in terms of defense my alpha has abuout 4.8k while my beta has 6.8k, and when Beta's aura activates you have even less to worry about in terms of taking dmg for Beta. Only time you will take constant dmg at queen is if you're standing within her range, but if you do the tag system right, you can get in and out while landing heavy hits.

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    Just saying Pallies aren't THAT great at bossing, the need to build up charges and a blast buff and then charge again can get pretty clunky in certain fights (Vellum, Magnus, CommerciTrading, Dojo etc)
    and our invulnerability to %hp attacks goes out the window once we die and lose our charge stack and divine shield, the latter of which being a gigantic pain in the plantain to reactivate.

    Its still much better than Pre-Red though so I'm grateful ;-;

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    Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    Paladins have pretty good avoid,as do dbs. However, as far as I know avoid doesn't help much in Root Abyss? I could be wrong though.

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    Pretty sure by "paladin void" he means Void Elemental, which is the paladin skill that allows them to ignore the %phys resistance that endgame bosses have.

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    IGN: icephoenix21
    Server: Scania
    Level: 212
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: DremithCross
    Alliance: Evolution
    Farm: IcePhoenix

    Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    oh LOL.
    Well thanks for clearing that up. I've never played a paladin so my knowledge of them is extremely limited! D:

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    Lol xD , well DB was my main before Warrior , this why zero is like a new db for me.
    I still like pally , and I decided not to go back to db for now for unknown reasons.

    The dmg i meant for queen is when she casts the pool skill that pulls you.
    Thanks tho for your points :3

    Don't you think zero is the same ? I mean for zero you need to have full alpha stacks and beta stacks to do the best damage and this can be damaged in certain bosses too.
    Also for DB once you die you will lose final cut buff and it may be on cd at that time (unless you freeze buffs)

    :p yeah I mean the void skill , it let paladin hit 100% dmg when other classes hits 50% because of the phy resistance
    Avoid doesn't help much in RA because its reduced there (as i think)

  18. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    I have no idea when it comes to Zeroes and DB's, Zeroes iirc have the benefit of not having to deal with 6 painfully slow buffs (I'm looking at you, Void and Combat Orders) which are rage inducing at Magnus and any boss with a deathcount.
    Also final cut is instantaneous when it comes to buffing. Paladin's slowly build it up with charges, blast buff, and then some more. Thats a whole 12 hits before you're at maximum damage output, Final cut is nowhere near close.

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    Don't you think the dmg pally get from void buff is enough to cover all the pain of having slow buffs?

  20. Default Re: Zero , Paladin , DB for bossing.

    More than enough damage, but a pain in the plantain regardless. The entire system is beneficial but impractical in certain contexts, thats all im saiyan



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