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    it be da ahri tried a new style where i just start with a blob of color and mold it out and stuff

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    Default Re: LoL Ahri

    I think the tails need shadows. Looks a bit weird imo but great job.

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    yeah i think i got bit lazy around the tail, haha

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    Default Re: LoL Ahri

    I think I prefer this style of drawing from you moreso than what work I've seen of yours previously.

    However, where's her other leg, and her foot D:? Don't try to hide them (I know I hate drawing hands/feet, so it seems like the logical thing to do)! :3

  5. Default Re: LoL Ahri

    haha so you noticed , yeah i tend to avoid drawing feet when ever possible/even thou i shouldnt
    i need to practice somee morreeewhoo



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