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  1. Default Gollux "mode lock"?

    I don't know if this is a thing but hear me out.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if when at gollux you can lock what mode you do by going into the head. For example, i'm at my last run of the day. Usually i kill abs and go for head. I go into head and he is set at hard mode because i killed abs when i went inside. If i go outside and kill the shoulders, will he still be hard mode? I would change to this strategy because i would get the 2 coins from the shoulders and the 10-20 coins from hard. Or would me leaving the room make my clear difficulty go down and i would get less coins?

    Is this a thing?

  2. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    Fairly sure when Gollux was new I accidentally went in on Hell difficulty to begin with and then left, killed everything and reentered and he was laughably easy, so I'm fairly sure the difficulty changes, but that was like.. the day Gollux was patched in and they've messed around with it quite a lot since then, so I don't know if it was changed.

  3. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    Yes. Whatever is dead when you enter the head, He is locked into that mode from now on.

    Atleast that's what happened when I accidentally entered head one time and exited

  4. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    Yes, it definitely locks now. I've tested this last night, incidentally.

  5. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    So that is 2 more coins, which is nifty. I take it the hands will still attack as if they were alive though?

  6. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    Leaving will still affect clear difficulty right? How does that affect drops?

    That's what i would think. If he had hard HP but easy mode attack scheme it would be more of a bug. I mean, imagine abusing hell mode doing that.

  7. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    I went to the head after only killing abs and left to kill both shoulders. After killing the head with hard mode hp I got easy mode drops. The second two parts of the head had easy mode hp though.

  8. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    When I did this, only the jaw stayed in the "locked" mode. Eyes/jewel is whatever mode he should be on based on parts killed when the phase starts.

    So, no. No extra coins :(

  9. Default Re: Gollux "mode lock"?

    Confirming this, just tried it.



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