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  1. Default Zero causes disconnects

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    I don't know what it is, but Zero seems to cause other characters in the map to disconnect. I've caused my friend to disconnect multiple times, and a Zero just made me D/C because I was in the same map as them.

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  2. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    IRC came to the conclusion it's the red damage numbers on tags not being rendered properly for players other than the Zero, it apparently even DCs other Zeroes.

  3. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    I second the damage number thing, I've partied people and had them not-crash because it was one of the bosses that hide those from other players, like Root Abyss.

  4. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    I just hope they fix it soon, because it means Zero can't do anything with other players if they can see your damage.

  5. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    According to @GameMX; Zero tag damage was rendering as 15 billion?

  6. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    it's not impossible to play as alpha OR beta, while in a party situation. it just isnt ideal.
    i was able to train at wg, with people "in the map" as long as neither of us were in each other's "map radius"
    if i could not see him (on mini map) and he could not see (my damage numbers) then he would not dc.

  7. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    For the moment, Nexon hasn't even made any indication that this is a problem.

  8. Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    they will, because if they don't, the forums are pretty much going to explode.

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    Default Re: Zero causes disconnects

    I can certainly confirm that it is not only the 'RED DMG' that disconnect people. I was doing gollux/hilla/arkarium (which doesn't show others dmg) with a friend or two, and they both do dc sometime around the fight. (Mostly when the boss almost dies ) They did not dc together however, both at different time of the fight.



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