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  1. Default Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    Wondering how does one cube his weapon to legendary should i buy black cubes and just cube to Legendary or what ?

  2. Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    Use WP if you're dedicated enough to get to unique, then use red cubes to rank up.

    All during miracle time, of course.
    Pretty sure the blacks don't have any higher chance of ranking up, just the memory cube aspect.

  3. Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    Now I don't want to instigate anything, but has anyone actually gotten a tier up to legendary from red cubes yet?

    I know a host of people who haven't gotten from unique to legendary from red cubes, only black cubes. I know the description say it can be used on legendary items, but can it tier up to legendary [only asking because I believe there was a thread with several people saying they used like over 60 and sitll nothing. My friend used over 300 and still no teir up from red]

  4. Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    I've also noticed this. I've used somewhere around ~150-200 red cubes attempting to uprank to Legendary to no avail. The rates are really pomegranate.

  5. Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    My friend did manage to get his faf staff from unique to legendary using red cubes and then proceeded to cube w/ black cubes after he landed some %boss.
    I think he used about 18 rcubes though.

  6. Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    Hmm, I haven't personally used the new cubes, so I wouldn't know rates. I was assuming that the rate of a red cube was that of a super cube, and a black cube was an enlightening + memory (read that somewhere)

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    Default Re: Cubing Zero Weapon ?

    My Fafnir 2H Mace went Legendary in three Red Cubes from that event where they were giving out the cubes. Luck? Most likely.



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