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  1. Default +atk/matk per 10 character levels

    These aren't supposed to show up on main potential on weapons right?

    I keep getting these lines for some reason.

  2. Default Re: +atk/matk per 10 character levels

    to even it out they replace weapon acc with that potential so that you guy wouldn't get potential easier with less option

  3. Default Re: +atk/matk per 10 character levels

    Potential module says that weapons are actually the only thing that can get those two lines.[Module]%20GMS%20-%20Potential%20Pools

  4. Default Re: +atk/matk per 10 character levels

    Yes, but as Additional Potential lines.

    There were actually quite a few changes to potential beyond just getting rid of Accuracy and Facial Expression lines, but I think they also received those changes in kMS a while back, so maybe there's an extraction with them or something.



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