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  1. Default Chaos Root Abyss... changes?

    Alright, so I'm not exactly sure if this has been mentioned anywhere yet but I couldn't find any references to it so here I go:

    There seems to be some changes to Chaos Pierre this patch.
    Namely, he uses the hat trap skill ridiculously frequently, like he'll use it two or three times on top of each other.

    When he "splits" into both Red and Blue Pierres, he stays that way for the entire fight, your hat doesn't alternate, and neither do the Pierres. Basically, you're forced to kill yourself if you want to have any chance to hit both, otherwise it's one per party member.

    Lastly, and probably most importantly, there's no small window in which after you kill one Pierre, you have time to kill the other one before the former respawns. Once you kill one, Pierre starts alternating his colours rapidly, over and over again, and finally summons a new one instantaneously. You literally do not have time to deal even one extra hit to the surviving Pierre after killing the other one. So in order to successfully defeat him you have to kill both Pierres with the same attack at the same time.

    I'm just wondering if these changes are intentional at all? As in is this what KMS has or is it another glitch on GMS' part? If these changes are intentional, they're incredibly stupid

    Also I've heard that Chaos Queen doesn't freeze up anymore, so there's that too.

  2. Default Re: Chaos Root Abyss... changes?

    I noticed those changes with Pierre as well.
    Chaos Queen should never have froze up in the first place. People that took advantage of that should be ashamed. I had no trouble killing her legitimately yesterday.

  3. Default Re: Chaos Root Abyss... changes?

    queen is easy once u know how to avoid her skill ... but pierre.... he 10 x harder now.. but I still able to kill him .. you gotta deal both pierre to 1% hp and then killurself and then kill both same time
    they must die same time
    not even 1 sec delay

  4. Default Re: Chaos Root Abyss... changes?

    I don't think you have to suicide on Pierre. My hat disappeared idk why

  5. Default Re: Chaos Root Abyss... changes?

    Mine disappeared after ~5min or so iirc

    Took me 5-6 tries to get pierce to kill both on the same attack, it was really annoying. but yeah it shouldn't be happening

    also when pierre starts changing colors he switches ridiculously fast



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