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    So I completed the Tynerum quest line and got the quest, but when I try to accept it, it says "Talk to me when you're done investigating Tynerum". Is there something I didn't do?

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    I think you have to be in a map you can tele from, which most of Tynerum isn't.

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    Yeah I don't think that's it since I'm having the same problem and I moved from leafre to ellinia with no luck, I guess there's another quest needed aside from telling on hilla.

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    Strange, it's suppose to send you to Ereve if you have completed the quest line.

    Are you sure you completed everything regarding Tynerum? Gollux included?

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    Got it. You have to finish the super annoying quest with the 100 etcs in the labyrinth for the lightbulb to actually work.



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