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  1. Default Little Busters, anyone?

    Currently waiting for ep 12 of Refrain to come out, but anyone watching the series here? I'm curious to hear more opinions of the episodes from 2 upwards of the second season. Naturally, season 1 comments are welcome too :)


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    Eh, with ones like these, I much rather prefer the actual VN over the anime. Mainly because you can explore everything without stories mingled together or something to make it work.

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    I love Kurugaya

    Haha, I never have time to go through VNs! I love listening to the actual voice acting (if applicable) and I generally take forever. I'm still following Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on the VN front (not actually a VN I think, but darn close compared to previous games)... After months q_q I'll get there.

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    I had the VN installed before the show aired. never got around to playing it and watched the animu instead of play it. I tend to have a really limited amount of time i spend either reading manga and playing VN's compared to watching animu(only played through Katawa Shoujo and Clannad: Tomoyo After). I would have probably did Kurugaya route as well.(was it not the one with the shortest route text length wise?).

    despite being in the little busters guild myself



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