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  1. Question Ame-no-Uzume's Red Flower (Kanna Fan)

    Hey guys! Well ems is getting kanna and im making plans for it.. I went to check all the New equips and the future weps and options that i will have for Kanna.. I found out that EMS added some new recipes to the smithing list and one of them is the Ame-no-Uzume's Red Flower.. I have no idea about where is this coming from.. The only information i could find was this

    and they said that it has 157 matt, 8slots and untradeable or psok.. But my surprise was that i found this on ems wich really is the reason why im here asking..

    Note that it says that its 201matt, no untradeable tag or anything and 9slots

    I mean wth? -this could be a bug but still wth? -

    In the other hand where do the items needed to craft it come from? I think the recipe come from Ranmaru or something boss? But what about those Legendary Shards from different Clans?

    Thanks in advance and im looking foward to some info on this :)

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    First of all, as a Kanna who uses said fan: I AM SO JELLY.

    Secondly, to answer your question: Legendary Weapon/Armour shards drop from bosses, they drop fairly frequently from Hilla and Zakum, and from Ranmaru too, I think.

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    The recipe come from Ranmaru too?

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    Yes, Ranmaru and Madman Ranmaru both drop Sengoku weapon and armour recipes. Madman Ranmaru will always drop a few recipes, while regular Ranmaru might not. However, the recipes are untradable, so you'd need to loot on a character with Smithing in order to craft it.

    If memory serves me correctly, you need 3 types of legendary shards for whatever equipment you're crafting corresponding to whatever type of equipment you're using. Weapons require Weapon Shards, Armours require Armour Shards, etc.

    In order to make the fan, you need
    • Superior Item Crystal x 200
    • Legendary Weapon Shard (Mouri Clan) x 1
    • Legendary Weapon Shard (Takeda Clan) x 1
    • Legendary Weapon Shard (Uesugi Clan) x 1

    And if you plan on crafting those Sengoku armours, they require quite a few Purple Powders.

    That fan does seem to have an unusually high magic attack though. The Fafnir Indigo Flash only has 204 Magic Attack clean.

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    How low are the rates on normal Ranmaru? Tried one on my DS.. tookme 10mins -hes naked- to kill but no recipes :X

    Also ty for the reply

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    Well, in GMS, Ranmaru was (is?) glitched and doesn't drop anything other than Cube Fragments. However, prior to RED, I was always able to find at least 1 recipe with a Spider and Greed Pendant equipped.



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