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    Default How to make a Web App?

    This is probabbbblly the wrong forum to put this in, but I'm not sure where else could it fit.

    So. I want to take a step up from writing crappy Java apps to the slightly more acceptable coding Web apps. Only thing I have no idea how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or hell, what those things even are. I literally also have no idea on how to register a domain, grab a server, and to put stuff onto the server. I'm going in this pretty much completely blind, except, I know how to code in, like, Java/Python/C++/Ocaml.

    I've Googled around a bit, and this seems quite promising, but are there any better guides out there?


  2. Default Re: How to make a Web App?

    If you know how to do any other language, learning Javascript/PHP won't be that hard. There's just a few weird things that you have to learn.

    As for HTML/CSS, Those aern't coding languages, they're markup/style languages so you'll just have to grab a book and dive in, That's the easiest way i'd think.

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    why web apps though.... steer away from those as far as possible.

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    Depends what kind of web app you want to make. You can make a self-contained Java applet as a web app without having to muck around with HTML/CSS. I tend to dislike Java web apps though (mainly due to the somewhat obsolete reputation for being high risk to security).

    HTML/CSS are simple enough that you can jump right into any reference and just start. W3C is a good starting place but they do have some errors and bad suggestions, so try not to rely on them too much.
    PHP gives your web app server functionality. already defines all the functions and usually has great examples for you to copy.
    Javascript is also fairly simple compared to Java. I personally recommend using the jQuery library.

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    Learn JavaScript, it's awesome and essential for web development. Don't touch PHP. ASP.Net can be worth looking into if you want to write code in C# (very similar to Java) and provide a Web API to control it.



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