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    Default New a quick update on important stuff

    Haven't played since 6.78 (Ember and Earth Spirit release)
    What's new?
    what's important?
    New meta?
    I won't be able to play till monday ~ tuesday next week

  2. Default Re: New a quick update on important stuff

    I'm pretty sure Spirits were 6.79
    New hero last week, Legion Commander. It's a pretty fun one!
    New holiday mode, Wraith Night. It's pve, defend your buildings and I have mixed feelings about it but it's fun when it everything goes right.
    The meta and the important things are that supports are less likely to stay in lane stacking and pulling. Instead they go for ganks since very early. Strategies and heroes that go for early wins are, I feel, more successful with hand of midas (not so sure about it now with the slight nerf, it's a bit more expensive now) and the buff to Necro books. They can get a lead pretty fast and never let it go. I think it's all about early aggression and who can put up more successfully.
    I've missed you :)



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