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  1. Smile [44] Lilienne's Backstory


    Hello! After some minor debate as to which portion I should actually post, I decided to post a portion of backstory for one of my protagonists in my story, 44. If there's some sort of reaction, I'll likely post more.

    Context of the story and character will be posted in the near future.

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    Is there any one place where all the 44 stuff is gathered?

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    I, in my infinite wisdom, failed to notice that someone posted on my own thread :T Is there any notification thing that I can check on SP, or do I have to stalk all my threads hoping for a reply?

    The 44 dropbox folder does, which I'll PM to you. It'll have all art stuff one by Jenny (some are SAI files though so I don't know what they are OTL), bannedstory/thoughts done by moo cow, ConCrit/Commentary from Cookie and the actual work/text references. A lot of the stuff is either alt universe or random scenarios that popped into my head that I deemed too good to waste/too persistent to forget. After reading them, you'll probably wonder why I even try...

    Recently though, I've only been working on 44, as reflected by the dropbox timestamps.

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    Thread Tools (on the light blue line directly above the first post) -> Subscribe to this Thread

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    I've been trying to dig up her artwork again, but I didn't have any keywords. This makes me very happy. And sad since I've kinda wasted my time.

    Was this the folder that you put up before? 'Cause I knew you had Dropbox files. Since you wrote up that thing where Verge dies in his own little sub-plot. Hm.

    I really haven't been following this at all since you broke like 10k or 30k words or something lul. ;__;

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    Thanks so much Q_Q

    And ah, okay. You probably would've been able to find it in the original 44 thread, but it's buried deep within the durk subforum, so...

    Yes, I've linked it a number of times before. I've kept it on dropbox since Jenny and moo cow moved onto the project :] Cookie joined a bit later.

    I won't add you to the folder list, since you don't want to see how many ruddy times I update when working on the laptop, so just check back for timestamps to see what I've changed. I'll likely post about it on basil as well.

    And it's okay Probably beyond 30k, since I hadn't established Verge as a character by that point... I think ._. I definitely didn't establish how he died at that point, that's for sure.

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    So it was that one. It's not buried that deep if you look at your thread history instead.

    Maybe I do want to see, but the problem is more I have nothing to contribute. So yeah.

    Apparently you made him blind and he dies fighting the spirit of Andras again... or something. And then his mask breaks.

    Hmm, that probably had something to do with Deviched butchering my character's design.

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    ... I can't believe I didn't remember that. I looked into my posted threads to link attemborough, :T I'm slow

    If you maintain discussion it's good enough :]

    Hey hey, I didn't make him blind that late into the story D: But yeah, blind, dies fighting andras again, his mask shatters during the fight.

    She kinda forced the design on, but I personally like Jenny's better .-. It's not the same if it only covers the eyes! there's a whole spoof centered around the fact that they don't know how he eats; they don't pay attention to him and suddenly the food's gone. If his mouth is exposed it completely beats the point >:[

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    adding to sapta, if you check these forums often (you lurker) there's also the "new posts" button in the top bar, Forum category, right below the homepage button, it will bring you to a list of all the threads with new posts that you haven't checked/that weren't there on your last visit.

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    Fortunately, I know of that button c: While my mass exploration of pressing random buttons to see what they did (unsurprisingly, they did as they were labelled, which is almost a shame), I came across that and now check it too often for my own good.

    Also slightly off topic: haven't seen you in a while neither in-game nor on basil, how've you been?

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    there's skype for that :U and i've been pretty well, just... no reason at all to play maple, been playing another f2p (warframe) on my PS4 and it just is too nice, plus it has polearms! (and scythes @Corn; there's a steam version too) guide doesn't require any big changes so i haven't done anything about that, and barely any people ask anything on basil worth me posting/answering (the usual damage/equip threads) so i haven't been to active there, but i've been lurking hard don't misread that!

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    What the hell? I knew about Warframe ever since the Alpha, and I've watched other people play it, but I've never bothered to install it myself.

    ...I guess that's going to have to change.

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    ... Touche. I don't seem to ever know when you're on skype xD

    And regarding lurking, I remember you telling me off for lurking because I should at least climb into someone's room to moo at them before leaving! >:C moo more

    And yeah, okay. that's fair enough. I've been trying to keep active on the durk thread ('active' being hounding it every few hours), but it's moving slow.

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    if i don't answer, i'm not on skype, i don't have any problems with being skyped at since it's on my laptop only, so no phone buzzing off during an important interview.

    and well yea, just to know you're there, no need to moo if you're active with everyone somewhere else, of course those who aren't in said group will feel left out, thus moo more. i actually posted a day or two ago to show i'm still around!

    been reading of your plusle-training shenanigans, i wish you luck, you'll need it in the dog eats dog competitive world of pokemon.

    but that's a bit off topic for the thread, skype me anytime, and if i can't skype you at certain times, just leave that info in the message.

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    Ooh, right. I hadn't seen you post around recently, so I assumed you fell off the face of the planet :T

    And I didn't see that post :U

    Thank you :[ As a complete noob at most things competitive (who knew pokemon was so... complex), I've opted to start reading everything and anything about it haha

    I'm up to breeding a zubat now. I managed to breed a 6IV pawniard so I'm already ecstatic :D ./still need to find one more poke

    Indeed it is, and I'll keep the rest to skype.

    why is this place so... dead :[



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