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  • White

    3 16.67%
  • Black

    2 11.11%
  • Furry

    11 61.11%
  • Something else

    2 11.11%
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  1. Default What color is Santa?

    If bottles of soda are to be believed then I recall him being white but following that logic, I have also seen him as a polar bear and then there was that one time that a Jinx was impersonating santa...

  2. Default Re: What color is Santa?

    he's actually a rather lovely shade of chartreuse.

  3. Default Re: What color is Santa?

    Is "robot" a color? Because Neopets says it is and I tend to believe magical paint brushes more than the Coca Cola company.

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    Default Re: What color is Santa?

    I came here, expecting St. Nick.

  5. Default Re: What color is Santa?

    What ever color you want him to be.

    Seriously though, being in the North Pole and in his Toy Shop, and only going out once a year at night, he is probably a sickly, sun-deprived pale. Then again, he supposedly has magic. believe what you want.



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