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    Hello maplers!
    I have decided to start a fresh start on a new account and i need some help with what class i should choose as my main. I have been looking at stuffs like Phantom, Paladin, Night Lord and Bishop but nothing is set in stone. I would love to hear your opinions on theese classes and any other that you would recommend. I will start with a little bit of funding in terms of nx ( Maybe 50$ Worth ).
    Thanks in advance! -Emma

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    Obligatory "tell us what you think is fun so we can choose your fate" question

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    Make a Phantom or a NL they are really fun to play

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    Make a phantom and steal the skills that you like the most from the other 3 classes?

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    Try all of them, the worse you have to lose is time. I wouldn't bother investing in a character if I don't enjoy it past lv. 120 ~ 160.

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    If you make a phantom and don't like it at least you have a link skill mule.

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    This, most classes change their game style a lot once they hit 4th job and since nowadays getting to 4th job at much takes a week I said try them all, worst that can happen is that you'll end up with a nice link skill and 4 rank S cards.

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    This is probably your best bet, especially since its fairly easy to get to 100 with out funds thanks to all the 2x events/buffs and such going on. If you don't like a character, move on to the next one. If you really enjoy a class, play around with a few others, and if they are not as fun stick with the class that you enjoyed the most.



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