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Thread: [Scania] P/C>Bowman Gear

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    Why are you selling all of your archer gear suddenly? o.o

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    I quit. Nexon ain't banning these dupers and I feel like I did all this hard work for nothing, cause hackers can get w/e they want with just a few dupes and get away with it.

    IS what I want to say, but I'm to addicted to ms to actually quit fml

    So uhh...
    I got like 504k range, 144%Boss(?), 98%Pdr, 98%Crit.
    During the NEB dupe I nebbed all my gear(4% nebs 25% boss nebs) and only got like 100k range more, which didn't improve my dmg at all.
    I can't seem to finish dojo faster than 20 min.
    I see people with way less funding than me doing way better.
    The skills are also slowly starting to get boring.

    So that was kinda demotivating.

    I figured I should just give up and quit my WA and start merching.
    Hoping I can get a few bills and maybe fund an Eunwol in the future, since his skills look pretty nice and everyone is telling me most pirates are just easier to fund compared to most classes. Maybe I can get a fafnir knuckle and perfect it while RED shop is still here...

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    R.I.P another wind archer :(



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