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  1. Default Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    I have like 300-400 on my Evan from when the NLC Revamp was first released.

    I just came back to the game and Basil doesn't seem to be used anymore, so I can't find anything and there don't seem to be many in the FM to base my guess off.

  2. Default Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    I would say at most 5m ea. They're less desirable now that A nebs are so much cheaper and you can't get them from boxes without fusing the Bs so you're better off spending the money on raw As.

  3. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    I guess everyone should go ahead and sell while they are still worth something before they are added to the NLC shop! I think I only have about 1k left or so.

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    Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    i hope they're worth that much in scania, i still have around 900-1k of them...

  5. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    5m was probably a severe overestimation given they just told us they'll be sold in shops in the future. At 5m i would expect them to stay on the shelf for a while, and you'd only be selling to people who don't know any better. I would settle for half that because they're depreciating assets but that's just me.

  6. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    Yeah, but 'after January' could mean anything. We know they are working on new NLC content (both from past sources saying it would be Fall 2013 and the current source saying 'after January'), but there really is no telling when we will get it. I can't imagine it should disrupt the current sale of Neb boxes.

  7. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    Why does that matter? Boxes have had longer than 2 month shelf life since LONG before A nebs were as cheap as they are. The fact that they will be in shops at some point deters are very large amount of buyers especially when 5m is a price point that they were set at before the market morphed dramatically. Sure, you don't see boxes anymore so them showing up might make people bite but not anywhere near as much as if neither of those huge factors were the case. Plus, as other people in the thread have shown, other people are going to do the exact same thing as he is and boxes will be as abundant as ever. Are you suggesting the 5m price is accurate and he should keep it? Because i'll just have to wish him luck with that...(which is weird to say since I suggested it in the first place lool)

  8. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    No, I am just saying that they shouldn't go into massive deflation just because of what we know already.

  9. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    But the supply is going to boom because of what we know already...

  10. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    The number of boxes that exist out there is still pretty finite. Even if everyone put all of their stock up for sale, it's no longer the same massive stock that existed a year ago when boxes were 1-1.5M. (Granted, I am not considering the probability of mass-duping them, so I may be severely underestimating the stick pile and would thus be way off base.)

  11. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    That isn't how it works though. If people are holding them because they expect inflation, then let's say 1000 boxes are on the market at a time out of a total 5000 in a server. Let us also assume no one is duping them because that's illegal and shouldn't happen in the first place, and we can't measure the impact given our resources. People are buying because not only can they make money even at such a price, but they also expect them to inflate or at least stay where they are. (this is the market back before As were cheap) Now, you have massive demand influencing information coming out. As become cheap, which, as an alternative superior option to neb boxes for upgrading, cause deflation because you need to invest A LOT in boxes and NX to get As wheras you can invest less in As and less in NX to get As. Then we find out that boxes can come from shops; an immediate and large boom to the number of boxes available. The future rise in supply causes a present rise in supply. Those 4000 boxes that previously weren't on the market now are because people know that they will become far less rare than they are which is the only thing maintaining their lucrative status. On the flip side, people find out that boxes come from shops, and so demand for current boxes falls dramatically because people know they will become far less expensive than they are now so they don't buy boxes and go for As instead. Large supply increase + large demand decrease = doubly large price decrease. :/

    The only things that would really poke holes in this is if A) nexon sets prices similar to what they are now so boxes aren't dirt cheap or B) boxes are limited for purchase in shops. No matter what it's not really looking good...

  12. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    This brings up a good question: Who much would neb boxes sell for from an NPC? If they do something like with mastery books, selling them for millions, you could still sell boxes lower than the NPC price and make a couple mesos. If they are less than a million, you probably wont make much of a profit at all. Either way, you should probably sell them now, unless you want to open ans fuse to get and sell B nebs. I don't know if B nebs are profitably, haven't been in the FM for ~3 months.

  13. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?


    Turns out I had upwards of 700 boxes. I was fusing for a while, even crappy B nebulites sell for a few million, sold a few, I'd be more tempted to continue if I could socket without my game crashing.

    I ended up buying a shop yesterday and put up all my boxes for 3m each, sold about 150 overnight, and some crappy Nebulites.

  14. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    Damn, Nebulite Boxes were selling at 25-30mil each in GAZED a couple months ago ._.
    They're around 10-15mil now.

  15. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    I think I understand why nexon wont bring out S rank Nebulite guess why?

    here is the reason.... one of those s rank nebulite is so powerful... it call item drop rate +20 % ... that is like crazy nebulite then there another one idk about one it call 10% resistance nebulite not bad

    main problem is the item drop rate I believe probably the main reason s rank never got release ... cuz if they do we would get more drop % like let c 4 ring face / eye / earring / 2 pendant that is 9 equip that is 180% drop rate to add from nebulite that insane drop xD

  16. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    They could know...not release drop rate/status resist nebs.

  17. Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    if s rank neublite is from the same way as fusing then there no way u cant get that drop rate / status resist nebs cuz it in DATA

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    Default Re: Nebulite Boxes, what are they worth?

    Data can be changed.
    Just as they made it so certain potentials can't be rolled anymore, and added a potential tier.
    They can do anything to those nebs: change the %, change the items they can go on (so fewer items), change the probability of showing up, make them not show up at all.
    They haven't released them because they figure A's are powerful enough for us for now.



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